A Kitchen Tour

It has been a long time coming--finally showing you the finished product on our kitchen that we semi-remodeled a year ago.

I did give you one little glimpse of it but that was before I had added any accessories.
I am finally trying to get this finished.  

For a long time I just could not decide which direction to go with it.  Because we painted the tops of our cabinets white and the bottoms black, it seemed such a good idea to go super modern or contemporary with sleek lines, little or not clutter decorations on the counter tops.

But that is not me so here we go.  
Just last week I purchased this canvas at Ross.  It was $27.  I cannot buy a blank canvas that size for that amount of money so I snatched it up thinking that if I did not love this in the breakfast nook, I could always paint over it.

And even though I love the colors in it, I probably will eventually paint over it.  I love French country but not the uptown version so much.  I'm thinking a big ole cow face right there might be just the thing. What do you think?

This picture is looking from my dining room in to my breakfast nook--kitchen is not that red--it is more of a terra cotta, which I am ready to change--Hi Larry, what are you doing here?

My husband reads my blog so I will probably regret making this public because then it will be subject to debate before I can do it while he's not looking but I am "fixin" to whip out some Annie Sloan chalk paint and add some black to some places on the table and chairs.  What do you think?

When we were remodeling my big dilemma was whether or not to keep the Corian or to get granite.  I finally decided that I just couldn't justify spending the money for the granite when the Corian (although I don't care for the color of it) is still in perfect condition.

It is kinda grey with black and white and grey specks in it--not my fav!

I finally decided to keep it and try to play it up so that is why I chose to paint the cabinets black and white.  We also purchased a new black sink and a brushed nickel faucet that I love--the looks and the way it operates.  The spray nozzle pulls out from the faucet itself making it super easy to clean everything out of the sink and off the dishes.

I went with grey walls and I really, really wish I had painted them the color I painted my living room which is Blonde by Sherwin Williams.  Even though I am a blonde (ahem), I just hate the name of that color but love the color itself.  I could only deal with a blonde in one room.

This is a mirror a dear friend gave me when we lived in Tulsa.  
It was formerly an old church window.  It is one of my favorite pieces that we have.

We have a galley kitchen.  On one end is a double window and on the other is the
church window mirror.

It reflects the light from the other end of the room and makes the room way more bright and cheerful than it would be otherwise.

Looking in the mirror and the reflection of the kitchen.

This curio cabinet belonged to my mom.  Would you paint it if you were me and if so, what color?

Our floors are hardwood and basically the same color as the curio.

This is a watercolor I painted some years ago after studying with Margaret Martin who wrote No More Wishy Washy Watercolor.  This was actually patterned after a painting in her book although there isn't that much resemblance.  sigh

This is a picture of my husband's great grandmother and his grandmother and grandfather.  His great grandmother is second from the right on front row and his grandmother and grandfather are the (second row) third and fourth respectively.

Most of the rest of the people are people who lived with them.  They ran a boarding house and of course they cooked for all these men.  Since it kinda had to do with cooking, I thought it added an interesting flavor to our kitchen.

The cocky little rooster plate belonged to my mother-in-law so it is special to me.

I just added this on one end of the counter by the stove for texture and interest and then discovered how handy it is.  Don't have to open the cabinets for lots of those every meal things.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my kitchen.  I'm sorry to say there's not much going on in there after so many years of cooking for three sons and a husband.  I told my husband that I cooked the first 40 years and he could take the next 40 but he didn't seem to get the hint.

Even though I love pretty things in the house, the most rare and beautiful treasures are in the family I love and the God I serve.  

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted

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