My Little Living Room

These first three pictures are harsh in color because of the bright light I was shooting against.  My camera was rebelling I think.  The fourth picture looks almost exactly like the color of my walls and my furniture.

From my place on the sofa, this is my view.  It is hard to believe we have lived here 7 years and I just now finished getting it decorated.

I painted the picture that hangs over the love seat and just bought the architectural elements this past weekend at Hobby Lobby for $20 each--50% off sale.

The desk belonged to my mother-in-law and the stool was given to me by my good friend, Angie.

The drapes--my sister-in-law and I made them--mostly she did--she is an incredible seamstress.  I did a little pinning--LOL!

I painted the canvas to the right of the desk and just now put it in this particular spot.  It is my favorite spot I've had it so far.  It really needs light shining directly on it to get the full impact of the paints so the tiffany lamp works great there, especially since it has a tilt shade.  

I just acquired the antique oak library bookcase a few months ago.  It holds all my devotional and teaching materials.

Right above the library case is a hand-stitched 23rd Psalm.  I made that in the 1970's.  

Next to that is a lovely piece that my son, Jeff, bought me from Mardel.  The lady who does the calligraphy for most of Carpentree's line was my calligraphy teacher in Tulsa.  Her work is simply exquisite.  Mine looks like child's play next to hers.  If you have any calligraphy from Mardel, there is a good chance it was done by Marj.  Marj Miller is her name.  

To the right of that piece is another watercolor I painted and an Olan Mills picture of yours truly when I was about four years old.

The picture below me is one I painted.

The white pitcher is from Target (recently) and the forsythia is from my side yard.

I wanted so much to wipe up those forsythia leaves but I made myself NOT do it--

you know, they always leave some petals in the magazines--wonder why mine never looks quite like theirs?

I painted the portrait of one of my sons on the right end of the gallery and I photographed two of the four pictures of some of our grandchildren.

We bought the lamp many, many years ago--wish I could remember how many.

My husband was with me and he is prone to spend more on things than I am.

We bought a set of two and they were not cheap but they have stood the test of time.

I love them and would never get rid of them no matter what the styles dictate.

The only thing is, I need new shades--and none fit them from any of the cheaper places.

I did find some at a specialty lamp shop but oh my, they are so expensive--not sure I can ever make myself do that--

I started out years ago making things hand-stitched for our walls for thrift reasons.

Now I photograph and paint for the same reasons and I just like the homeyness that it adds to the decor.

--the personal touch--

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my little living room.  It sure is special to me and where

I spend a lot of time.

I guess my decorating style is eclectic because I like a little bit of everything--from farmhouse to Tuscany to Country French to vintage to traditional to Shaker to English Countryside--

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


elizabeth said…
I ADORE this room. I love that everything about it is as lovely as you are. I love that it's filled with personal things, not "out of the decorating store" items. I am enjoying seeing your "nest".
PS- I love the lamps, too!
HisFireFly said…
thanks for inviting me in
the sneak peak makes me want to linger longer, lovely
Susy said…
Hi there! I loved the tour of your living room and I love your color pallet. It reminds me of vintage pottery, like Fiesta and Bauer. It's wonderful, too, that you have so much wall space to hang and enjoy your work. It's beUtiful. xo
Sandy said…
Had to interrupt my spring break for just a moment to let you know how much I adore your living room. Everything about it speaks warmth and comfort. Kinda like our friendship. :o)
Nancy said…
I've always heard our homes are a reflection of us and yours fill the bill; warm and inviting....

I love your choice of color pallet and that you have chosen to display your personal treasures..
I would image that this room holds many wonderful memories of times with friends and family...

It's very lovely in the truest sense of the word....
Barb said…
Love your home, my sweet friend. I think what makes a home the loveliest, the warmest and inviting, is when it is filled with things that we love. You can tell a lot about an individual simply by looking around their house. When people enter my apartment they can tell by what they see that I am a Christian, that I love family, love music, love to read, love flowers, love to cook, am neat and organized, but not a perfectionist and my favorite colors are earth colors.
One of my friends was so happy when I pointed this out to her, said she'd never thought about that so had fun redoing some of her house. It turned out beautifully.
Sorry I've not been by, but have thought of you and always pray for you. Love you much. Have an awesome day. And keep watching for those SHINY moments.
elizabeth said…
Thanks for your sweet comment on my photo.
The beads in the photo are actually not a rosary, just some wooden beads with a wooden cross I strung together. I have a large one, too. I didn't feel right having a rosary since I don't pray to or through Mary, but I do love the look of I just call mine my "Jesus beads". :)
Anita Johnson said…
Beautiful! How fun to get a glimpse of where my blog friends spend their time. I was thinking of showing a few pictures of where I blog sort of newly decorted office. Your space looks like a breath of spring! Love it! And that canvas is one of my favorites...great spot! It is snowing buckets here, I guess spring hasn't got the memo yet. (o:
Nava said…
Dianne---it was nice to come in and catch up on news--the coffee was good and you should not have gone to so much trouble on the white coconut cream layer cake---and that is what I think of when I see your living room! It is sunny and homey. :)
Mary B said…
Love love love it!!! I wish I was a decorator, but I am not very good at it. You obviously are!
Mary B said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I wish I were a decorations but I am not very good at it, you most certainly are!
It's magical! I love the over-stuffed chair and ottoman. Just my style. Beautiful!

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