My Husband Told Me I Should Post This So I Am

I have been spending more time in God's Word which is what I really wanted to do with my time off.  Today I studied most of Luke 1 and this is my journal which tells the story of that chapter.

I am studying with and am really enjoying it.  I had tried to get started on that several times and just never did.

But this time I think I am started for good.  I look so forward to the Bible reading each day and illustrating it in some way that speaks to me and my needs for retaining the Word.

This particular devotional was under Women of the Bible, Part II-Elizabeth

They are taking a few days off for the holiday and the next study will be on Daniel.  I encourage you to read along with us.  I am going to the website listed above and doing it from there but there are apps for your smart phone and tablet if you would rather read that way.

Hope you enjoy this.

I love you,

© all photographs, art and text property of Elizabeth Dianne unless otherwise noted


Debbie Petras said…
I'm glad your husband told you to post this! Beautiful and a beautiful place to be God's Word.

Blessings and love,
Nancy said…
Good for him encouraging you to post these beautiful pages...I too like to journal after I study because it really helps me to get the Scripture into my head.....
Sandy said…
I love this and Larry was right in having you post it. It's wonderful! I'll check out the website and read along.
Love & Miss You~
Charlotte said…
Love it. Thank you for sharing this with us on Spiritual Sundays.
Thank you dear ladies--I appreciate all of you!
Your obvious delight in illustrating this is so present. Your soul shines through. xox
Phoenix Peacock said…
I love that your husband is so supportive!
Susan said…
He was right. These are gorgeous pages. Thanks to you both!
elizabeth said…
So happy that you are doing She Reads Truth with me/us! Love you friend.
Sheila said…
Visiting from Sandra's place today. So beautiful!
Anita Johnson said…
Your husband was talented. Love the power in those words too. I think I'll read along with you! xo
caryjo said…
I read Daniel yesterday, and read Hosea today. I'll finish the prophets in about a week. THEN the Lord will have me buried in Revelation again, I think. Reading the Word, focusing on HIM, determining the possibility of what we are facing in our present-day world is what counts most.

Thank you so much for your wonderful sharing, process, and encouraging/prodding us forward in the Word.
BARBIE said…
I am so thankful you posted this. It's absolutely beautiful and so encouraging to my heart! I am going to try to read along with She Reads Truth. I've tried a few times and haven't been successful. Perhaps now is the time!
Giggles said…
Very good advice, these are beautiful pages!!! Very nice passionate work!!

Hugs Giggles
Thanks Corrine and Phoenix--I appreciate you stopping by so much and especially taking the time to leave a comment--thank you so much.
Barbie and Anita, that would be wonderful if you ladies read along--I really needed an accountability system. I have studies the Bible for many years but was getting lax in the system I had been using for so long.

Now I know that many women are reading the same thing I am reading and it is so encouraging.

I will post a link tomorrow for where you can go to see more she reads truth encouraging journal pages.
I appreciate your comment--yes, I am passionate about God and what we can learn through His Word. Illustrating it like this is also making me more passionate. Thank you so much.
Rosario said…
Its beautiful! Very unique way of writing in a journal.

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