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Weekend Worship

Hoping your weekend is filled with meaningful worship--sometimes the best kind is just being still and waiting before Him.

This morning when I was trying to put my thoughts and words away and let God speak to me, I found it hard but not impossible.  The result was a very precious time spent alone with Him--it didn't end up being as long as I wanted but the result might as well have been a day spent in His presence.

Sarah Young in Jesus Calling for August 29 describes it this way:

"By waiting with Me before you begin the day's activities, you proclaim the reality of My living Presence. This act of faith--waiting before working--is noted in the spirit world, where your demonstration of trust weakens principalities and powers of darkness..............As you look to me for guidance I enable you to do less but accomplish more."

I have been away from my watercolor painting for several months as the house has been in disarray while we have done some redecorating.

We got i…

A Friday Find

Going through some very old files this morning, I found something I wrote about 35 years ago. Hopefully, it will still speak to someone.
 Recently, I had driven across town to Chandler Park where the city of Tulsa holds its annual baseball tournament.  There were five fields loaded with little boys of all ages.

There were big ones, little ones, freckled ones,  bespectacled ones, skinny ones, chubby ones, loud ones and quiet ones--

If you've never been the mother of a little leaguer, it might be quite hard for you to envision just how dirty a baseball cap can get over several months of steady baseball games and practices, not to mention the uniforms that have endured repeated washings with all kinds of stain removers added each time they went through the rough and tumble agitations of a filled to the brim, tired old washer.

Now with most every little guy there were a couple of parents, a set or two of grandparents, older and younger siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.


Come In With Me and Sit A Spell

Come in with me and sit a spell, We'll get to know each very well.

If you were here I would ask many things-- The scope of your joys, hopes and dreams.

We'd make some memories certain to last, I'd ask you for sure about your past.
We'd try to makes connections, For those are such fun-- To see our paths have almost crossed Through some other one.

We'd finally get thirsty and have some tea, We'd talk how our friendship was pure destiny.
I'd ask about your favorite memory as a child-- Your most embarrassing moment when everyone smiled.

I'd want to know your hobbies and what makes you tick-- Your happiest moments and what makes your heart sick.

The more we'd talk the closer we'd be-- Tears would come when time to part company.
Dedicated to all the wonderful people I've met online, the moments we've spent in each other's world--
and those who are new to this little corner of the world.
All my love, Dianne

For Texture T…

Mater Maximus Find

Just a little play on words here. If mater is mother in latin and maximus is greatest, then mater maximus in the south would somehow mean "greatest mother of all vegetables." Well, or something like that!

I was born in September and my mom said she craved tomatoes all summer long.  She passed the mater gene down to me.  I could eat them three times a day and sometimes do.

A relative is out of town and told us we could come over and pick all of the maters that were turning pink.  I think they have about 10 plants.

Boy, did we make a haul--51 of those beautiful latin lovers.

We found them over, around, in and through and on the ground.

What a find!

What a find!

Hope your Friday finds you doing well and having a wonderful day!


The Dining Room Reveal

Well, it's been a long time coming but here it is finally--the dining room reveal.
Warning:  Lots of pictures

Here is a link that shows our dining room before--

The room was a dark reddish terra cotta and we painted it Ivoire by Sherwin Williams.
The drapes are from Tuesday Morning and were very reasonable.
The blinds were already there.

I've had the collection of blue plates for many years.

The metal shelves were bought at Hobby Lobby (half price) and we spray painted them with a cream color and then knocked it down with some sanding.
The oval, white plates belonged to my mother-in-law and are very old.

The chandelier was brass--we took it down and prepped it and spray painted it with an oil-rubbed bronze color.   I almost wish I would have left it because we ended up adding quite a bit of brass (I should say keeping quite a bit of brass) in the adjoining living room.  
And "they" say that brass is on it's way back in.  For sure if I had it to do over, I w…