Days of Praise

I have many interests. Among them are reading, photography, calligraphy, watercolor and several others.

One of the main things I love to do is write.  When I first started writing it seemed there were not enough hours in the day to pen my thoughts--both old and new.

But what happens when I come to a standstill, when the thoughts and words look like a field of freshly fallen snow upon my mind's eye.  And there's not even one animal track of a thought.

It is then that I start searching--trying to make something happen that just lays stagnant.

I go to God's Word--It is always full of wonderful inspiration that sets my senses blazing.  But, no, not today.  While it penetrates the dark of my soul and speaks so personally to me, no thoughts to be written to bless my readers seem to come.

I go to Oswald Chamber's devotional book, My Utmost for His Highest,  and still no thoughts that might bless others.

I start to search through old journals and I found this--from 1998--

I want to write from the wellsprings of my heart--
the beauty and love I feel towards You, Father.

I want to worship You from a pure, simple heart.
I want to sing your praises from the highest hills,

To shout out loud at the likes of You,
To dance with feet unashamed and overcome with joy,

To laugh until my jaws hurt at Your goodness towards me,
To fellowship with the Trinity of Your Love.

I look at Your palm and see my name written there,
I see Your arm which is not too short to save,

Your mouth whispers to me,
"You are my beloved and I am yours."

Your ear is always quick to listen,
Your heart tender,
Your intellect infinite.

Your eyes are always beholding me,
Watching the path ahead lest I should trip and fall.

I love you, Lord.
I give You praise.

Our kids from Tulsa were here this past weekend.  This is a picture of me and James.  
He is 20 months old.  

Hope the rest of your Wednesday is incredible.