I Say All of That to Say...........

Many years ago I was having a party--a pretty wild one at that--a pity party.

I was feeling unappreciated by my husband.  You see, I was a young mother of three sons and my husband a very busy manager of quite a few people in his job.

I know you have never partaken of any "get even" fare, but that is just what I decided to do--"Boy, will I get him and I know just how to do it."

My method of revenge included a 5 hour car trip with three sons to my mom and dad's home in Malvern, AR.

Now, not to knock Malvern (I was born there and there are many wonderful people in that small town), but it was not known as the party city of the south central portion of Arkansas.  One theater, one roller rink, very small town southern America.

It was spring break in Tulsa, OK and I would stay for a week--my husband hated to be alone and it would be miserable for him while we were gone.  He would be so miserable, IN FACT, without us that when we came home, he would dote on all of us, showering us with love, affection and appreciation.

He would be so miserable that he would NEVER again take me for granted.

The perfect plan-------

I waited until almost the very last moment to tell my husband I was going--I didn't want him to have time to plan to 'take off' and go with me--after all, it would have defeated the whole MASTER PLAN.

What I didn't count on though was the fact that he would do a little research and find a week long training course (one he had been needing to further help him in his career and totally paid for by his employment source).

But the real KICKER was this--it was in New York City.

Imagine me doing a balancing act right here--

In the left hand--"Malvern (you know the Malvern close to Big Creek, Poyen, Lono, and Hide Out--"

I want to insert a cartoon character here but I can't think of the one that is coming to my mind--maybe a big fat rooster or a Bull Winkle type--help me in the comments section if you can--

And the character would be saying--

"and in the right hand, I say, yea, I say, New York City--you know, the New York City that includes Broadway plays, famous restaurants such as Mama Leone's, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center etc."

So about now you can add a few attractions and additions to my wild party--including self-pity it now sported the likes of bitterness, resentment, jealousy, and envy.

And get this--he was seeing New York City with a woman--and a single woman at that.

What happened was this--
In the first session of the class, one of the women (the woman mentioned above) stood up and asked the class if there was anyone who would like to go touring the city that evening.  Now remember the fact that he hates to be alone, my husband immediately raised his hand thinking there would be a number of people who would respond.
What he did not know was--most of them were 'locals' and had seen all the sights, been to all the Broadway plays and the last thing they wanted to do after sitting in class all day was GO OUT in the evenings.

balancing act once again--
left hand --me sitting on the front porch shelling peas in Malvern
right hand--my husband touring New York City, eating at famous restaurants, going to Carnegie Hall with a single woman--

I think it was on the third night out that another guy finally joined them--

To set the record straight, my husband is completely trustworthy and the outings for them were totally platonic--

But did I learn a lesson?

A very hard lesson?

Yes, I did--one that I believe God taught me through lots of tears and laughter--

No, I do not believe God caused all of these circumstances--we do have free will after all.

But I do believe, because I am his child, He chose to let me see the absolute ludicrousness of it all--how childish I was behaving, how sinful I had been in letting my emotions run away with me, planning revenge, etc.

But then He softened it with humor.  How very like Him to discipline me and teach me many great life lessons through (what I thought was a hardship) humor.  Granted, in the overall scheme of things, it was a very small hardship.  And he did it with humor.  I love that part now that I am looking back from a distance.

I say all of that to say, we've had many good laughs about this through the years.

Do you have anything to laugh about today?

Any discipline from His Words of Life?

Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. Hebrews 12:7a


A Soft Gentle Voice