Come In With Me and Sit A Spell

Come in with me and sit a spell,
We'll get to know each very well.

If you were here I would ask many things--
The scope of your joys, hopes and dreams.

We'd make some memories certain to last,
I'd ask you for sure about your past.

We'd try to makes connections,
For those are such fun--
To see our paths have almost crossed
Through some other one.

We'd finally get thirsty and have some tea,
We'd talk how our friendship was pure destiny.

I'd ask about your favorite memory as a child--
Your most embarrassing moment when everyone smiled.

I'd want to know your hobbies and what makes you tick--
Your happiest moments and what makes your heart sick.

The more we'd talk the closer we'd be--
Tears would come when time to part company.


Dedicated to all the wonderful people I've met online,
the moments we've spent in each other's world--

and those who are new to this little corner of the world.

All my love,

For Texture Tuesday I edited the photo in Lightroom with one of my own presets,
exported it to Photoshop where I textured it with Kim Klassen's evolve 2 at 100%.




Sandy said…
Did you write these touching heartfelt words, Dianne? They are just beautiful. I wish I could be sitting there in a chair, sipping tea and talking about anything and everything with you. I know little about photography but enough to recognize that these pictures are wonderfully expressive, perfect accompaniment to your poem.
xx oo
S. Etole said…
Such quiet and inviting images and words.
elizabeth said…
Oh, how I would love to sit with you face to face! I love this series of photos.
Debbie said…
Oh how beautiful this is from photos to words, and what a lovely couple those two make.

I would love to sit with you for a spell.
Barbara said…
Love the light and shadows just so pretty who wouldn't want to just sit and read in that spot you have painted with your camera. Beautiful
What a beautiful place to sit and relax. Such lovely light too. Wonderful set of images.
abrianna said…
Lovely words and wonderful light in these photos. I sure would like to come sit a spell.
June Caedmon said…
I've enjoyed sitting down for a spell with you today, Dianne! Your words and images are so lovely. Have a blessed week!
deborah said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
deborah said…
How sweet your images, how dear your words! I love how you've captured the moment through both those and your photos! I'm fairly new to your corner of the world, Elizabeth, and I'm glad I came back for a visit - by way of Kim's linkup. Blessings to you! :)
Michelle B said…
I would love to sit with you for a spell. Your spot to sit looks very inviting, your images beautiful.
Lisa said…
Yes, please! You've captured the serenity of sitting and visiting with a friend perfectly. The feel of your photos is so light and airy. Lovely!
Anita Johnson said…
What a wonderful invitation. And who knows...maybe someday we will sit together. Until then, see you online.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely invitation. I enjoyed it so much I'm going to feature you on Life Through the Lens this week :-D

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