Well, our yard is beautiful. I will post pictures of it tomorrow AND we were going to have a Sunday morning photo shoot outside BUT it came a gully washer that went on and on and on. So we were relegated to the den. The subjects in the pictures turned out great. The background is not so good. We will try again next time.

I never have to pose Noelle. She just walks over and does "her thing" and the camera always loves it.

These were fresh tulips that Larry picked out. I thought they were beautiful, especially with a beautiful little girl right beside them.

Our precious Ashton.

Ashton is a ballerina and it shows here in her balletic pose.

Ashton, Chris, Andrea and Noelle

Dree and the girls. Dree's youth pastor gave her that nickname. It is taken from
An-Dree-A. She home schools the girls and is a wonderful mother. Her lesson plans make me want to go back to school. How did Larry and I get so blessed? Thank you, Lord.

Loving sisters!