And they are off!!!!!!!!!!!!!--That is Kennedy in the middle of the picture.

Kennedy finds her first egg!


This is Ashton on the left.

And Ashton on the left!



Sisters, Caroline and Kennedy, getting ready to present the gospel of salvation with the beaded bracelets.

This is one of the stations where the kids from church were making the beaded bracelets with the children that demonstrated what Christ did for us on the cross.

One of the explanation pages.

Supplies for the bracelets that demonstrate by colors what Christ did for us and how we receive his gift.

Making a bracelet and showing a precious girl how she can receive this gift.

I loved this bonnet.

I think Caroline started messing with her Uncle Chris and ended up getting the worst end of it--no pun intended!

Three of my five main men--Michael, Larry and Chris

Cute, cute strangers! I did ask her if I could use this on my blog.

The merry-go-round!

Noelle in the middle of the merry-go-round!

Too much merry-go-round for Ashton and Boompa has to check on his girl.

Mommy, I feel sick!

Hundreds of kids and nobody found me!

Michael and Traci's church here in Little Rock had a huge Easter egg hunt. Since Traci is the director of children's ministries, this is one of her responsibilities. They hid 5.000 eggs--hard to believe. I just had to take a picure of this one lone egg that no one picked up. I never did figure that one out. It was in wide open view--just laying there OR lying there (whatever eggs do--I know what chickens do). LOL I will have to ask my master of English friend, Marianne. And that's another question I have--Is English capitalized in that sentence or not--at least I know that the correct word to use there is "capitalized"--not "capitolized."