I just received this Mother's Day card from one of my smart-alecky sons. LOL --I thought it was really cute but sent him an email telling him that he was "cute" but wrong. You see, I didn't pray to find out everything that they did wrong. What I did pray was that God would see that they got caught whenever they did wrong. And I really didn't care who caught them as long as it was someone responsible who loved them and had their best interest at heart. As far as I'm concerned, God more than did His job. Yay! God (cheering now) You did it!! The only curious thing about it was this: It seemed as though every time God caught them at something they weren't supposed to be doing, He thought I ought to know. Subsequently, my sons not only thought I had eyes like the ones in the card above but also in the back of my head. That is also where my son got his information to support sending this erroneous MD card.

Of course, listening to them talk now (ages 42, 39, 36) the dreaded "You just wait until your father gets home," was one of my favorite phrases that instilled a tiny bit of angst the fear of God in them for the rest of the day, however long that was.
Just for the record (as long as they were home, at least) they were wonderful kids and caused me few real discipline problems.
2-4-6-8 Who do I appreciate for helping me be the coolest mom around?? First of all, God, second of all, my husband, and yes, those awesome sons of mine. Thank you for making it easy to be a great mother. ahem as MckMama says. I love you!!
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