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The canvas over the sofa is one that I painted. The words are from scripture and read, "For God who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness,' made His light shine in our hearts to give us the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ." I have many favorite scriptures and this is one of them.

This is the room we "live in." My husband usually frequents the recliner and I am usally on this end of the sofa with my laptop on the leg extension--it makes a great desk!

Directly across from my end of the sofa is this picture of Jesus. At Christmas this year, a lady painted this canvas while we sang worship songs and our preacher preached the morning sermon. I had most of my family with me and it was a very awesome time of worshiping together. I asked her after church if she sold her paintings and she did so I bought it. Her name is Nancy Posey and she works out of the Dallas area.

This the desktop computer area and there is a Yamaha Clavinova (digital piano that the grandchildren love) to the right. The room you can see through the double doors is our entry hall. My husband spends a lot of time on the computer and it's great to have it in the living area so we can be together.

The area where the picture of Jesus is will be used for seasonal canvases. I am working on one now for Christmas. It is red with gold lettering and says, "Every tree throughout the world bloomed and bore fruit on Christmas Eve. Nature silently but brilliantly celebrated the Birth of Christ." I think it will be pretty there during the holidays.

This is the far end of the room the other direction which has a door that leads to the patio and backyard. The flowers on the table are irises and the blooms from hostas--they are from our yard.

This is probably my favorite piece of furniture. I didn't pay a lot for it--got a really good deal--but it houses mementos and pictures of the ones in this world that I love the dearest. Our son Jeff, and his wife, Kim, are in the second compartment top left--there is another picture of him on the far right, second row down. Sorry, I know this will be boring to some but I am also posting this for posterity's sake, hoping maybe someday my descendants might check it out. As you will discover on down the page, we are a huge basketball family. Jeff is assistant coach at Arkansas Baptist. We won the state 3-A championship this year. His wife, Kim, works for Goodwill Industries--don't forget to be charitable!!

Jeff and Kim's children, Kailey and Kendall, are on the far right on the second row down. Chris and Andrea's children, Ashton and Noelle, are on the far left second rown down. The bottom two pictures are of me--one as a senior in college and the other as a child of about 4 or 5. The picture directly above my senior college picture is of my mom and dad, Boyd and Glenna Faye.

I will include this for Kelly since she is such a big Razorback fan. My husband played basketball for the Razorbacks in the early 60's and this is his official Razorback photo (yea, the one where I chopped the head off--sorry, Honey.) Michael and Traci's children, Katelyn, Caroline and Kennedy are on the far left, top row. I alsolutely love the bottom left picture. It is a picture of my husband when he was a little boy, on his tricycle, in his bathrobe (early in the morning--everyone used to wear bathrobes while they ate breakfast) and one of his dogs--I think this dog is named Blackie--go figure!!

Michael and his wife, Traci, are on the top right--her wedding portrait and his official Arkansas Razorback basketball picture. Yes, he played for the Razorbacks also back in the late 1980's. Traci is the children's director for a church here in this area. The hydrangeas are from my yard last year. I put them there when they were fresh-- they dried beautifully and I have never removed them.

Chris and his wife, Andrea are on the top right. They lived in Pennsylvania for 6 years and just recently moved back to Oklahoma. We are so glad to have them back in the area! Chris is a youth pastor and has just started back to school for his master's in counseling. His wife homeschools their children and is active in Classical Conversations. (check it out--makes me want to go back to school)