Oh, what we do for glam!

My beautiful namesake, Lindsay Dianne, my sister's daughter.

Lindsay in one of the beautiful rooms in the house where the shower was held.

Lindsay and her hostesses.

Well, she didn't get the shoes as a wedding shower gift but I just had to show them. They are darling but dare I say that she was walking on air as miserable as could be all day long. Align LeftYea for me and for MckMama. I have been wanting to do a "strike out of words" but did not have a clue as to how to do it. Tonight on Twitter, MckMama gave directions AND IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM THE FIRST TIME I TRIED. If you google "mckmama," it will direct you to her Twitter site but don't blame me because you will never be the same for many reasons.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: the shower--it was great. The food was delicious--fresh, sweet, juicy, red, red, red Arkansas strawberries among lots of other good stuff--many nice gifts including a flat screen TV.

The town we went to is a 2 hour drive away and it rained all the way there and back. I am ready for a break from the rain. It has been raining for 4 straight days here in the Little Rock area--well, really today doesn't count but it was damp and dreary. We are soaked to the gills.
Congratulations, Lindsay Dianne. We love your hubby to be. We welcome him to our ever-growing family.