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pioneer woman has put me in shock

UPDATE:  Pioneer Woman added more bokeh pictures today.
You will never believe this. Pioneer Woman has a group display of over 1,000 pictures of fall bokeh on Flickr. Her photography readers were asked to send in their bokeh pictures. So I did. Yesterday on her post, my picture was one of 22 chosen to be shown. I am in shock. Here is the picture. I have used it on my blog before. You are welcome to use it electronically if you will email me for permission and link back to my blog. Happy posting of fall pictures.

 The link above will take you to the photography section of Pioneer Woman where she has explanations of bokeh. I bought a $99 lens on Amazon--and I have had the time of my life since I got it. It is amazing. You can also go to MckMama's website, "blurry backgrounds" under photography and get a world of information there and you can get the exact name of the lens there also. They don't seem to be showing up but there are hyperlinks to the first post body referen…

best friends

loveyourwives,just as Christ loved thechurch.Husbands,loveyourwives,justasChristlovedthechurch.Husbands,loveyourwivesjustasChrist

I received this email from my daughter-in-law the other day and wanted to share it with you. The characters are Dree, my daughter-in-law; Chris, my son; and Noelle, my granddaughter.

Dree wrote:
I wanted to convey a funny Noelle story.

I was leaving Chris a message and she heard me say that he was my best friend. After I was off the phone, she said very firmly, "Daddy can't be your best friend."

Chuckling to myself I replied, "Silly, of course he can. Daddy is my best friend."

Noelle, still with great authority in her voice said, "Does the Bible say he can be your best friend?"
Honestly, I was a little stumped. My biblical knowledge was being challenged by my 4 year old. I had never considered the biblical validity of my husband being my best friend. So I did what every good parent should do and just started talking like I knew wh…

Flowers Bloom But Not Today

Birds fly, fish swim, and flowers bloom. Not today. You jump rope, play jacks, and swing.
Not today. You can have fun in life, oh yes, you still can.
Not today.
While you are in this place it won't be today,
tomorrow, or next week.
It won't be ever.

by Kalaya

A Solemn Cry

Tear-stained pillow,
cries and groans.
I try to give
a cheerful smile,
but there are only
pain and moans.
I try to look up to the heavens
it's smoldering with smoke
so thick
I think that
might choke.
My parents are gone,
but if they were here,
the days
would still be long.
So now I sit here
shivering of pain and fear
cause that's all you see
when you're here.

by Courtney

Through the Fire

My life is like a burning building,
My soul burns to see
the "Freedom of Life"
outside of these walls.
I cry.
My heart
burns with fear
of tomorrow.
I've been through the flames,
I've been through the fire.

by Brian


This is a continuation of the touching writings my 7th graders penned after studying the Holocaust. These pink …

Pinnacle--beloved mountain, beloved memories

Sometimes I almost feel guilty for having a love affair with a mountain--the one who is the star of THIS STORY I wrote in 1992. I had to drive out to see it today--55 years later since I first sat in its shadow as I worshiped with my mom and dad, now deceased.

The picture below shows how it looks not in silhouette. The picture I took a few months ago coming in to town from the north was a natural silhouette and quite the fluke. We were flying along at 65mph when I turned and saw the mountain and could barely get my camera turned on and the picture snapped before we were across the bridge. I couldn't believe it turned out as well as it did and with the wrong lens on at that. This one is not quite as romantic--and from a different view, no water in the foreground here. But it is still my beloved. I gain strength from the things this mountain stands for.

Ps 121:1-2

I lift up my eyes to the hills —
where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.



multitude monday


the big four-oh!

Surprise! Traci really got Michael tonight. Today was his 40th birthday and he had to work after work. He teaches a basketball skills class. While he was teaching in the gym (he is very focused--about basketball), she set the whole thing up in the lobby which is also the school's cafeteria and concession stand area--a pretty neat set up, really.

They have a small kitchen area off of the concession and a big screen for showing videos etc. to the kids. He was totally surprised. Lots of family and lots of his basketball girls and their families were there. I will post another page of pictures tomorrow but wanted to get this up for right now.

Happy birthday, Michael!!

multitude monday


dinner with daughterinlaw and granddaughter

collections of blue

blueberries on cereal


old church windows turned into mirrors

old churches

for the energy to clean house

for new doctors that you really like

for digital cameras and pictures and slide shows

old stuff that Porter sent

a painful cry

This is a continuation of the touching writings my 7th graders penned after studying the Holocaust. In follow-up to yesterdays's post, we did read The Hiding Place and we watched the movie.

A Painful Cry

Here I am suffering
in this camp,
Why, oh why, does my stomach cramp?
Day after day, dear Lord I pray
That You will send an angel
To rescue me someday.

My parents are gone,
I am so alone,
I wish I could say one word
And I'd be home,
But, why go home when I'd only be alone?
Why, oh why is my history gone?

I remember
when the birds used to sing a beautiful song,
But, when they all left, they took it along.
I remember
when there were beautifully colored trees,
And when the wind used to blow,
I felt a wonderful breeze.
I remember
When the squirrels used to run and play in the grass,
But now all that's on the ground
Is filthy old trash.

Where have all the beautiful things gone?
Why don't I have a place to call home?
Again I must say,
I pray each and every day
Please, dear God, send an angel
To resc…

Ballet Magnificat

heroes of the faith, ballet, holy times of worship

Today I want all of my thanks to go to God who raised up great men and women of the faith who blazed the trails of Christianity with sacrifice, faithfulness and service. I especially am grateful today for the lives of Corrie and Betsie Ten Boom.

If you have never read their story, I beg, even plead with you to get it today. It is the best book I have ever read and it changed my life. The only thing is: Forever after you will use it to measure all books that you read and there are not many that can even come close in my estimation. I have provided links in the paragraph below to Ballet Magnificat and to the story of The Hiding Place. After going to The Hiding Place website, if you will click on HISTORY there is a short synopsis of this most amazing of stories.

At our church tonight we had a presentation given by the group, BALLET MAGNIFICAT. It told the story of Corrie and Betsie in The Hiding Place. The dancing was world class, the music…