Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a painful cry

This is a continuation of the touching writings my 7th graders penned after studying the Holocaust. In follow-up to yesterdays's post, we did read The Hiding Place and we watched the movie.


A Painful Cry

Here I am suffering
in this camp,
Why, oh why, does my stomach cramp?
Day after day, dear Lord I pray
That You will send an angel
To rescue me someday.

My parents are gone,
I am so alone,
I wish I could say one word
And I'd be home,
But, why go home when I'd only be alone?
Why, oh why is my history gone?

I remember
when the birds used to sing a beautiful song,
But, when they all left, they took it along.
I remember
when there were beautifully colored trees,
And when the wind used to blow,
I felt a wonderful breeze.
I remember
When the squirrels used to run and play in the grass,
But now all that's on the ground
Is filthy old trash.

Where have all the beautiful things gone?
Why don't I have a place to call home?
Again I must say,
I pray each and every day
Please, dear God, send an angel
To rescue me today.

By Elaina



Is life worth living in this ghetto?
That's the question I ask myself
How can children live in constant
Always looking in the rear?
Anticipating the dreadful knock,
Of the Gestapo telling you it's time
For your life to stop.
Is life worth living in this ghetto?
The truth is, I think not.

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