ballerina and poetess

Ashton is one of our lovely granddaughters who lives in Oklahoma. She is home-schooled and is taking a creative writing class in a community setting of home-schooled children. Last night my son sent this poem that she had written. She is 9 years old and I (ahem) thought it was great. Sports is a big activity in our family but thankfully she has branched out and is doing her own thing. She is a ballerina and now quite the poetess.


The Great Flood

The rain walloped.
The lightning zigzagged.
Thunder boomed,
While wind whipped rapidly.
The earth rumbled.

Men swam desperately away.
Inside the ark Noah prayed,
And his family thanked God for this
While the animals played each day.

When the rain stopped and the land had dried
Noah couldn't believe his eyes,
For a rainbow had spread above his head so high.