Flowers Bloom But Not Today

Birds fly, fish swim, and flowers bloom.
Not today. You jump rope, play jacks, and swing.
Not today. You can have fun in life, oh yes, you still can.
Not today.
While you are in this place it won't be today,
tomorrow, or next week.
It won't be ever.

by Kalaya


A Solemn Cry

Tear-stained pillow,
cries and groans.
I try to give
a cheerful smile,
but there are only
pain and moans.
I try to look up to the heavens
it's smoldering with smoke
so thick
I think that
might choke.
My parents are gone,
but if they were here,
the days
would still be long.
So now I sit here
shivering of pain and fear
cause that's all you see
when you're here.

by Courtney

Through the Fire

My life is like a burning building,
My soul burns to see
the "Freedom of Life"
outside of these walls.
I cry.
My heart
burns with fear
of tomorrow.
I've been through the flames,
I've been through the fire.

by Brian


This is a continuation of the touching writings my 7th graders penned after studying the Holocaust.
These pink flowers were growing on a mailbox when I went searching for beauty yesterday.