the big four-oh!

Surprise! Traci really got Michael tonight. Today was his 40th birthday and he had to work after work. He teaches a basketball skills class. While he was teaching in the gym (he is very focused--about basketball), she set the whole thing up in the lobby which is also the school's cafeteria and concession stand area--a pretty neat set up, really.

They have a small kitchen area off of the concession and a big screen for showing videos etc. to the kids. He was totally surprised. Lots of family and lots of his basketball girls and their families were there. I will post another page of pictures tomorrow but wanted to get this up for right now.

Happy birthday, Michael!!

Michael's birthday

Michael 40th birthday

Michael 40th birthday


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Michael 40th birthday

Michael,40th birthday

basketball girls

Michael's birthday,balloons


basketball girls

Michael Charles


Michael and Jeff

Caroline and friend

Michael 40th birthday

Michael 40th birthday

Michael's 40th birthday

Michael Chris


Kailey,Katelyn cousins

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