Holocaust Writings

watercolor sun


There is no happiness in this place,
there is no sun to touch my face.
The gleaming light I long to see,
Nothing but darkness covers me.
The pain and hurt I feel inside,
I wish I could run away and hide
in a dream from which I would never wake,
where the light could touch my humble face,
and the rays of the sun would cover me,
--only if it wasn't a dream.

by Breanna

No More Happy Days

No more happy days
because we can't play where we want to.
No more happy days
because we can't go where we want to.
No more happy days
because we can't live where we want to.
No more happy days
because we aren't free.

by Lateef


As I sit here
in my cell of darkness,
I close my eyes and think--
I think of happy times,
the times that make you stop,
take a deep breath and smile
without discouragement.
The times when you couldn't think
of anything sad
even if you tried.
I don't want to open my eyes
but I do.

For when I open my eyes
I see a glimpse of grass
through the gate.
The grass is like proof,
Proof that there is life,
proof that there is love,
And proof that there is
happiness beyond these dreadful gates.

So as I sit here
All Alone
Thinking of the good times I had,
I wait
I wait for these gates to open,
For the guard to let me through,
to let me feel the green grass'
under my feet.
That is freedom
and freedom is all I ask.

by Adam

a continuation of the incredible writings my 7th grade students did after studying the Holocaust.

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Chris said…
very cool...thanks for sharing their poetry...if they ever need a handy online resource, please send your students to my blog at http://holokauston.wordpress.com

there are several links to other sites, including auschwitz survivor eva kor who lives in indiana and runs a holocaust museum there

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