Multitude Monday

#39--For Medicare birthdays (#39 in blessings--number 65 in birthday numbers)


#40--for celebration with family


#41--and more family


#42--for totally healthy non-artery clogging fresh homemade pizza


#43--and well for just the opposite--great for a treat if we don't indulge too often--


#44--For local bakeries that have been in business forever where we made a little visit after our downtown pizza excursion


#45--for my new easel given by a son and his family--they know I love to change out my paintings at the drop of a hat


#46--and this gift from a grown son who has grown children of his own that touched me as much as any gift has ever touched me--


#47--for beautiful, artistic handmade greeting cards--Although not one of my birthday cards, I did receive this card below a couple of weeks ago from my good friend and incredible artist, Sandra Newberg. Thank you so much to all my friends and family for all the beautiful birthday cards and the not so beautiful ones (you know who you are--there was more than one-LOL)

Sandy's heart

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Inksstillwet said…
What a wonderful celebration of life! Nothing better than to celebrate with family and friends!

I love walking in to a bakery and the scent of fresh baked goods the moment you step inside the door!
Elouise82 said…
Wonderful blessings, every one. And beautiful pictures, too!
deb said…
Oh Happy Birthday to you Dianne!
What unbelievable joy just burst through the screen .
You must be very very loved.
Maria said…
Hi Dianne!
I left school kind of on the early side today ... It is so beautiful outside, I couldn't resist!
Last year, I worked so late into the afternoon, the sunlight was almost gone for the day ... it's probably why my vitamin D was so low!
What a glorious photo album for your birthday!
I just realized that some of the sunshine I came home 'early' to was coming from the beautiful faces ... including birthday girl's ... and the sunny smiles here in your post!
How beautifully thoughtful are your gifts and the card~
Don't you just love the Willowtree figurines?!
There's something sweet about their simplicity.

Dianne, I saw your followers a few days back when I read to bottom of all your posts... and I thought... "I'd love to have a reminder to visit "Everything Else Thrown In" more often." I also included you in my everyday blog: Calm-Energy sidebar section--so when you write a new post I'll see it!
Enjoy the rest of the day, Dianne! It was fun 'celebrating' here with you! Oh...and I'll take a slice of the yummy mushroom and tomato pizza!
all the best, Maria

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