pioneer woman has put me in shock

UPDATE:  Pioneer Woman added more bokeh pictures today.
You will never believe this. Pioneer Woman has a group display of over 1,000 pictures of fall bokeh on Flickr. Her photography readers were asked to send in their bokeh pictures. So I did. Yesterday on her post, my picture was one of 22 chosen to be shown. I am in shock. Here is the picture. I have used it on my blog before. You are welcome to use it electronically if you will email me for permission and link back to my blog. Happy posting of fall pictures.


 The link above will take you to the photography section of Pioneer Woman where she has explanations of bokeh. I bought a $99 lens on Amazon--and I have had the time of my life since I got it. It is amazing. You can also go to MckMama's website, "blurry backgrounds" under photography and get a world of information there and you can get the exact name of the lens there also. They don't seem to be showing up but there are hyperlinks to the first post body reference to Pioneer Woman and to MckMama.
Thank you, Pioneer Woman!


Maria said…
Beautiful Dianne! I got a similar effect once by accident LOL
I visited the Pioneer Woman site ... such a treat for the eyes and the imagination!
Thanks for sharing and congrats on being selected!
Happy Weekend Wanderings to You,Dianne!
Maria said…
ps. about my photo accident... It was taken at dusk and my settings were all off... the background was blurry all over, not really awesome like your bokeh photo
...but there was an illuminated branch (I think from the flash) that was perfectly clear)
I could never do this again if you paid me ;o)

I am so impressed with people, like you, who have the right tools of the trade and really know what their doing!

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