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Be Still

This picture of my niece, Lindsay, her sweet baby asleep on her chest, watching her husband David fish, just spoke peace to my heart. I wish you peace today.


This ship, the General M.M. Patrick sailed from Calcutta, India, where my father and many other soldiers embarked, and docked in New York City on September 3, 1945. I was seven days shy of one year old. My father left for overseas in December, 1943 and I was born nine months and a few days later.

Today's post is dedicated to my father, who came to be known as Daddy Boyd in his latter years. He served his country that he loved so dearly in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. Besides helping build the Burma Road, he was also a courier, flying "The Hump" several times. After one trip that required throwing parachutes etc. overboard to get enough altitude to clear the Himalayas, he decided that once on precious American soil again, he would never again fly in an airplane. He kept his word. But he always liked to joke that he wasn't afraid of flying.......he was afraid of not flying.

Last night we watched the Memorial Day Concert from Washington D.C. I came to apprec…

Weekend Worship

Hoping your weekend worship of our precious Lord and Savior is heavenly. And here are some "heavenly hydrangeas" from my garden for you to enjoy.

Isn't it wonderful to know that God's Word will never pass away?!

May your weekend, sweet friend, be filled with the knowledge that every Word that comes from the mouth of God is eternal and in that knowledge we have infinite grace, mercy and wisdom to perform the mundane tasks of each day. And may all that we do be done for His glory alone.

The grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Col. 3:17

*textures used in this photograph are by Kim Klassen--

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When Your Heart Cries Out for More Faith

Last night my kids in Tulsa spent thirty minutes or so in a closet underneath the stairwell in their home riding out tremendous winds and strong thunderstorms that spawned several deadly tornadoes earlier in the day near Oklahoma City.

My daughter-in-law and I had texted back and forth several times and I had naturally prayed for them with a mother's heart. About 10 PM I got a text that basically read, "The worst of the storm is over, still enduring 80 to 90 mph winds. We're okay. Stevie is missing." Stevie is the family cat.

Well, please don't hate me but I am really not a "cat person." But because I love my grandchildren so and because I know how much they love that cat, I prayed for Stevie--that he would find a safe place to hide and make it back home after the storm was over.

This morning as I was typing out my prayer to God on the "Pray With Me" section of this blog, I received a text--right after I had typed the part about "Thank …

The Texture of Our Lives

Thanks to Elizabeth over at Just Following Jesus In My Real Life for making me aware of Kim Klassen's blog and her lovely textures that she is so gracious to give away. She also teaches online courses and I just signed up for one today.

I am hoping that I truly learn how to master Photoshop Elements and not let it master me.

First of all I am showing you the initial image of the photo I took and then the altered image. I realize it is a little heavy but that is the way I wanted it. It really reminds me of some of the old pictures I used to see in my grandmother's snapshot box.

I used three of Kim's textures and I flattened my image before I wrote them down but I am pretty sure they were "Yesteryear, stained paper and stained music paper." I used the stained music paper texture to give the impression that this old photo had been found between the pages of a worn and tattered old hymnal.

In the future I will keep better track of the steps I used to get the final …

Pomp and Lump

Kendall, our only grandson, graduated from high school on May 15, 2011. The ceremony was held at The Church at Rock Creek, Little Rock, Arkansas.

There were seventy-seven graduates due to the closing of Lutheran High School last year. Their senior class merged with his and produced over 3 million dollars in college scholarships. The united class presented the school with a sculpture of a lion and an eagle merged together as one--symbolizing the meshing of the two senior classes. I don't know why but I got a huge lump in my throat at that time.

The night before I had just celebrated (with 61 other classmates) the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation and maybe it was just thinking how hard it would have been to have changed from my high school after spending six years there--seeing the same faces every day for so many years--getting to know in such a personal way, those you spend all day, every day with for so many years!

Maybe it was the memory of getting to school early…

Weekend Worship at Risen Son Missionary Baptist Church, Saline County, Arkansas

Came across this little church yesterday morning when I went looking for an old high school friend in Saline County, Arkansas.

It took me back to another era--that of my childhood. This church looks so much like the one I attended as a child except mine did not have the addition on the back and it was a different denomination.

I would love to see what this church looks like on the inside--what remnants of the past still remain intact, if any. The one thing I hope holds true is this:

The God Who was the God of our forefathers, our ancestors is the same God today. He does not change. With Him there is no shadow of turning, no lies to make right, no harsh words to try to retract, no hidden agendas or bad thoughts......only loyalty, faithfulness, love, mercy and grace of the highest order.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, as you and yours worship the great God of the universe through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Loving you,

Oh, BTW, thought you might be interested to know these pictur…

Uninhibited Personified!

Hope your day is as bright and happy as these pictures of my totally uninhibited granddaughter's antics. Remember when life was like this? Don't think it was ever like that for me in this earthly body but thank God in my spirit I can rejoice like this everyday. That is what God wants for us--no worries and to cast all of our care upon Him.

Loving You,

Beautiful Ballerina

We've had a very busy last few days. The guys from Renewal Ranch traveled to Tulsa, OK to give their testimony at South Lakewood Baptist Church. We traveled with them and three of the guys stayed with our son and his wife and family along with me and Larry.

One of the treats of being in Tulsa this past weekend was getting to watch our 10 year old granddaughter dance in competition at Union Performing Arts Center. I took the above picture with my IPhone in the lobby. No pictures were allowed in the actual competition.

The service at South Lakewood was wonderful and God's presence was so sweet. James, Caleb, Michael and Charles gave their testimonies. The church provided a wonderful potluck luncheon for us and Michael Taylor's mom and dad, Kay and Bill Taylor, provided dinner for us at the new LaFortune Golf Course restaurant on Saturday night.

We took the guys to Bass Pro Shop on Sunday afternoon and then back to the ranch.

It was a long weekend but I enjoyed Mother'…

His Whole Body

Larry and I were not a part of the Summit congregation 12 years ago--we lived in Tulsa then--but did go to the Summit last night and then swung by First Baptist on the way home since they were still meeting. It was almost over when we got there but we did get to hear a couple of great testimonies.
The following was taken from our church's website at

"Last night was the answer to a 12-year prayer for many people. Twelve years ago The Summit Church began out of turmoil and conflict in a sister church in Little Rock. Although I have confidence that the start of The Summit was the absolute right thing to do in that situation and the years have indicated that by God's grace, there was a lot of pain in that moment.

Last night folks met at The Summit Church to pray-beginning the fifth week of unscheduled, spontaneous prayer.

But also, a group of people from The Summit were invited to their former church, First Baptist Church in Little Rock by their pastor and…

And the River Flows

The river of God's mercies and grace is continuing to flow here in Little Rock.

Tonight we will be starting our fifth week of revival--I only remember one other moving of God's Spirit like this--when I was a young girl of about seven--A W.V. Grant revival in Malvern, Arkansas--we attended a tent revival every night for forty-two nights if my memory serves me correctly.

Other churches in our area (and actually all over the nation) are calling and emailing and asking us to pray that a similar revival will break out in their areas. Oh my friend, I pray for this--I would give anything for every church in America to experience the freedom and complete joy that God has chosen to bestow upon us--I don't understand it--I don't know why "us."

When I say all over the nation--week before last we had a young housewife who got up early one morning and drove from her home in North Carolina to be with us in service that night--there are hundreds of stories to be told--stori…