His Whole Body

Larry and I were not a part of the Summit congregation 12 years ago--we lived in Tulsa then--but did go to the Summit last night and then swung by First Baptist on the way home since they were still meeting. It was almost over when we got there but we did get to hear a couple of great testimonies.

The following was taken from our church's website at www.thesummitchurch.org

"Last night was the answer to a 12-year prayer for many people. Twelve years ago The Summit Church began out of turmoil and conflict in a sister church in Little Rock. Although I have confidence that the start of The Summit was the absolute right thing to do in that situation and the years have indicated that by God's grace, there was a lot of pain in that moment.

Last night folks met at The Summit Church to pray-beginning the fifth week of unscheduled, spontaneous prayer.

But also, a group of people from The Summit were invited to their former church, First Baptist Church in Little Rock by their pastor and people. They are beginning "First Monday" prayer meetings and asked if we would share what God has been doing. The pastor asked me to share and after giving a report of God's activity in the city and at The Summit, we opened up the microphone. The first lady to share had lost her husband and business in the last few months. Not only did the "two churches" gather (there were roughly 75-125 people from each congregation, perhaps 200-250 total) but they joined in prayer and offering for this dear lady and $1500 was given immediately.

Several others shared, but then one sister from First Baptist stood to confess that she had been critical and a part of the problem that led to the division of the two churches. She had confessed this to the Lord and to their church but had not had opportunity to ask our forgiveness of The Summit and also of me (Bill). It was a beautiful moment of reconciliation which opened the door for multiple people to come and express their heart and receive forgiveness.

For my part (Bill), although I felt I had forgiven people for what happened during those days, I had not loved as Christ desires and sought the church's forgiveness for that. The love of God was "shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit" (Romans 5:5) for them. Before the night was over there was love and grace poured out upon us all...a wonderful beginning of reconciliation and healing. As I left the parking lot 4 hours after I had entered I realized, "This chapter is closed and redeemed fully by the grace of God in my own heart."

I wonder, if God chooses to spread His work of revival and spiritual awakening around the city, if we would not see many such meetings occurring between churches? May God to whatever is necessary to purify and unify His Bride. "As far as it lies within you, be at peace with ALL men" is the admonition from Scripture (Romans 12:16). We are even to forgive and "love your enemies." Jesus said, "If you come to give your offering and realize that your brother has something against you, leave your offering and go be reconciled." (Matthew 5). This may be something they hold LEGITIMATELY or ILLEGITIMATELY against you. Regardless, it is always the humble believers job to see reconciliation and unity as far as possible."

May God heal His WHOLE BODY in the city!

We meet again at The Summit for prayer at 7 PM...praying for the whole church in this region!