Weekend Worship at Risen Son Missionary Baptist Church, Saline County, Arkansas

Came across this little church yesterday morning when I went looking for an old high school friend in Saline County, Arkansas.

It took me back to another era--that of my childhood. This church looks so much like the one I attended as a child except mine did not have the addition on the back and it was a different denomination.

I would love to see what this church looks like on the inside--what remnants of the past still remain intact, if any. The one thing I hope holds true is this:

The God Who was the God of our forefathers, our ancestors is the same God today. He does not change. With Him there is no shadow of turning, no lies to make right, no harsh words to try to retract, no hidden agendas or bad thoughts......only loyalty, faithfulness, love, mercy and grace of the highest order.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, as you and yours worship the great God of the universe through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Loving you,

Oh, BTW, thought you might be interested to know these pictures were taken with my IPhone.