Beautiful Ballerina

We've had a very busy last few days. The guys from Renewal Ranch traveled to Tulsa, OK to give their testimony at South Lakewood Baptist Church. We traveled with them and three of the guys stayed with our son and his wife and family along with me and Larry.

One of the treats of being in Tulsa this past weekend was getting to watch our 10 year old granddaughter dance in competition at Union Performing Arts Center. I took the above picture with my IPhone in the lobby. No pictures were allowed in the actual competition.

The service at South Lakewood was wonderful and God's presence was so sweet. James, Caleb, Michael and Charles gave their testimonies. The church provided a wonderful potluck luncheon for us and Michael Taylor's mom and dad, Kay and Bill Taylor, provided dinner for us at the new LaFortune Golf Course restaurant on Saturday night.
The guys in Kay and Bill Taylor's side yard--the tree trunk to the
left has a carved bear on the top.  He is wearing a RR cap.

We took the guys to Bass Pro Shop on Sunday afternoon and then back to the ranch.

It was a long weekend but I enjoyed Mother's Day so much--got to be with one of my sons and his family plus all eleven of my RR sons. What a great day it was. Thank you, Kyle, for the rose even if it was picked out of an off-limits flower bed.

Ashton, you did a great job and Noelle I always love being with you and your contagious laughter and fun.

Thank you, Dree, for an awesome meal on Friday night and Sunday morning and for housing three of the guys. I love you all.