The Texture of Our Lives

Thanks to Elizabeth over at Just Following Jesus In My Real Life for making me aware of Kim Klassen's blog and her lovely textures that she is so gracious to give away. She also teaches online courses and I just signed up for one today.

I am hoping that I truly learn how to master Photoshop Elements and not let it master me.

First of all I am showing you the initial image of the photo I took and then the altered image. I realize it is a little heavy but that is the way I wanted it. It really reminds me of some of the old pictures I used to see in my grandmother's snapshot box.

I used three of Kim's textures and I flattened my image before I wrote them down but I am pretty sure they were "Yesteryear, stained paper and stained music paper." I used the stained music paper texture to give the impression that this old photo had been found between the pages of a worn and tattered old hymnal.

In the future I will keep better track of the steps I used to get the final image.

The church I discovered a few months ago and took pictures of then becomes the
church I attended as a child in the picture below.

Of course it is not really the church I attended as a child (that church has been torn down and replaced by a new more modern one) but it does bear a remarkable resemblance and brings back many memories.

I am including a very pretty and different version of "I'll Fly Away" to make the memory more vivid but if you really want to hear what our little church probably sounded like almost sixty years ago, go to the bottom of the page and click on the SCBC choir selection. I had to smile even though those off key voices sound like the very angels of heaven to me.


Hop on over and enjoy looking at Kim's beautiful photography and her altered images. Very cool!


Kim is a great teacher! I've so enjoyed the two classes I've taken from her. Beautiful image and I love the effect of the texture on this one...esp. the sky! Beautiful song too! Xo, Sue
helena said…
great texture work -I found it was a good way to really get into exploring PSE
Geri Centonze said…
This one really stood out among the thumbnails on Texture Tuesdays - lovely!
Kim Klassen said…
oh so lovely! beautiful art!! 'sigh'

thank you for linking up to Texture Tuesday...xxo, kim
Stunning ~ absolutely love it.
A Rosy Note said…
Oh my, those textures really transform your photo. Look at that sky...I love it :)
Very cool shot!! Wonderful textures. Love it.
hootnonny said…
This looks like the church of my youth too, though we didn't have a bell. Love the way you aged it. The song takes me back too. A lady who used to help my grandmother sang that song. I used to request it every time I saw her!
Maria said…
Hi Dianne! I've been thinking about you during all of our wild weather! Hoping you and your family are doing well...
Congrats on your grandson's graduation. You and your family are so beautiful ~ your smiles and your eyes twinkle... with the JOY of His love and light.

This church and your photographs of it are simply sweet. This church, to me, exemplifies America ~ the heart of her faith... in these small, simple yet SO STRONG centers of worship.

Bless you for bringing us this beautiful texture to enrich our days.
Henrietta said…
This text type is really hard to read:) Anyway I love your edit, you did great texturizing.
Anonymous said…
I have tried for two days to leave a comment, but blogger is really acting up. So, I have to comment as anonymous! Anyway, wanted to say you hit it out of the park with this photo and texture. AMAZING! Thanks for the mention too my friend. Been wondering if your nightly church meetings are still going. Love you bunches.
Nikki said…
wonderful wonderful!!!
debsea said…
beautiful photo
Kathy said… this lovely find you found. The way you transformed this photo to look vintage but still alive is fantastic. Great work.

Bright blessings,

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