broken and poured out

she walks hesitantly but with determination to the door and knocks

leper Simon opens the door

she does not turn and run from the disease

her disease was worse--spiritual leprosy

she enters the house, alabaster jar in hand--the best she had to give

she bows at His feet, tears streaming down

washes the feet of Jesus in rivulets of remorse

anoints his head with perfume poured from alabaster jar

simon refers to her as sinner, questions Jesus about her presence

disciples question wisdom of emptying alabaster jar of pure nard--could be sold, money given to the poor

Jesus explains that she is preparing Him for burial

Jesus is preparing her for burial

burial of a lifetime of sin and shame

He is preparing her for resurrection

resurrection of love that had died

love that will now love much

because it has been forgiven much


she poured out herself in worship to Jesus

her community viewed it all

will we do any less?

a repost from past pages

thanks to Polly at for the beautiful photo


Mary B said…
Dianne, as always...your words seem so inspired. Thank you for a beautiful reflection.

Great photo too!!

Love you,
Dianne said…
Thanks, dear friend--I do have to clarify one thing--that particular picture is not mine--there is a blog online that gives away blog headers--it was a long time ago when I found the particular site and I have forgotten the name of it--I will find it and give her credit--I am pretty sure her name is Polly--or else I will remove the picture if I cannot give her the proper credit--she is a doll for sharing her gifts--
Dianne said…
Found it--it is
Debbie said…
I love the phrase spiritual leper. It's just perfect. I know of what I speak, too.
Karen said…
Dianne, wonderful words to soften the heart! I am instantly reminded as I was reading, of the song "Broken & Spilled out". If you are not familiar with it, please google and read the words.
Connie Smiley said…
Beautiful words to the familiar story. Thank you for your comments on my blog.
Dianne said…
Hey Karen,
Yes, I am familiar with that song and tried to add it to my Playlist after your comment--couldn't find it however--:(

I did google the words and read them. Thank you for the sweet reminder.
Nancy said…
I am so glad to have found your blog.....It's not only beautiful but full of words of wisdom as well as gorgeous photographs.....You are obviously a very talented lady.....

And yes, we all need to be broken and spilled out....He has done so much for us we owe Him our total commitment.....

I am your newest follower..I hope to visit often.
Adoption Mama said…
We shouldn't. Great challenge.
Sandy said…
We should live only to worship Him with
our very lives.
Anonymous said…
I'm so amazed at your writing and the thoughtful comments above too. I'm not good with words, but yours speak to my heart. Thank you. I stop by here frequently, but have been so pressed for time this summer, the growing season has been a bit rough. Your posts with the textures are outstanding too, in a different way...I have a hard time getting them to look right, so I erase and erase. Maybe i'll take a class this winter, when I have more time on my hands. Always good to chat with you!

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