This is me at Kailey's age -- a little resemblance maybe--don't tell her I said so--smile!  My dad was right--youth really is wasted on the young!!

The instagram app is great fun--not for sure what all phones it will work on but this was a quick pic my granddaughter took of the two of us today.

Since I have her picture handy, I will tell you one of my biggest blessings this summer. Kailey is a very hard worker and perseveres through some really difficult times. She was planning on working quite a few hours a week this summer to help her family with her college education expense. She is starting her senior year in August and has worked steadily throughout her college career.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, her summer job fell through and she was left stranded. The company told her she was hired, just had to get some paper work in--yada, yada, yada--a mall retail store--anyway, they piddled around and summer was going to be half over before her training sessions--and the company knew she was applying for a SUMMER job--

Anyway, I do not have any kind of steady help with housework and had been thinking of hiring someone to help me get a few long overdue things accomplished. I hired her about a month ago and not only have we gotten so many things done, made many lists and crossed off most of them, but we have had a ball in the process and gotten to know each other so much better.

I have always been involved in her life but since she is turning twenty one this summer it has been several years since she has had much time for other things besides boyfriends, extracurricular activities such as basketball, high school and college academics--

So, Lord, I just want you to know how very grateful I am for this opportunity to bond again with one of my precious granddaughters. I do NOT take this time for granted and appreciate it with all my heart.

Instagramming is a new fad I guess so this "gramma" will be ready at a moment's notice to instagram with my lovely granddaughter!!