Didn't Do So Well

I didn't do so well on some of yesterday's "Just for today." The one I seemed to have the most trouble with was the murmuring and complaining one. Oh yes, all the grumblings were uttered under my breath but I noticed myself at least ten times saying things that were very unbecoming to a Christian.

True, there was no one with me when I said them--and most of them were directed at myself and some of my "not so smart" shenanigans, but I had to wonder how much I mutter and complain on a day when I have not placed my focus on making sure I don't. And I had to wonder what my close friend, the Holy Spirit, thought about my actions.

I thought of the idea of this post the other day when I was talking to some of the guys at the Ranch and noticed hints of the enemy trying to come in and disrupt their peace with "little things" against their brothers. So on Sunday when I told them about my idea for the post, one said, "Well, you better make it simple, like........."

"Just for today I will not kill my brother" (please know this was totally 'tongue in cheek')
and another said
"Just for today I will clean up my 'pee pee' after myself"--this was a forty-five year old bachelor who said this which made it funnier--and he was not saying it about himself but hoping some of the others would "make it their own."

I live with one man so I can imagine how it must be living with eleven others, especially if you are a clean freak--we a have a few at the ranch--

So, here's the challenge--be alert today, listen to yourself, see how you do--and hopefully let me know in the comment section--

Hope your day is blessed and hope nothing but wholesome words come from your mouth--after all God's Word says

But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man 'unclean.'  Matthew 15:18