Renewal Ranch Update!

Just wanted to share a little Renewal Ranch update with you! Thought you might enjoy--

God is so good and faithful and has blessed us here at Renewal Ranch beyond any words we have to describe.  The Saturday morning worship service was refreshing with the voices of the Dooley's leading us in praise and worship.  Thank you once again to the Dooley Family for their incredible dedication and loyalty to our residents at RR.

Our residents and a few others pray over a prospective resident.

Thank you, Bro. Larry Pillow for a good word from the Lord. Basically the message was an exhortation to follow those who are in spiritual authority over us. A gentle message with a powerful impact--Thanks Bro. Larry.

The day continued with a potluck for all who attended the morning worship service with visiting in the afternoon.

Visitation at Renewal Ranch is reminiscent (to me--the maintainer of this website and I am old) of Sunday during the 1950's--no T.V's, no radios, no cell phones--just people interested in one another and fellowshipping together--one of the true beautifully simple things in life.

The guys are always eager to share what they have harvested from their garden. These are some of the delicious Roma tomatoes they have grown. Among other things, they have harvested cucumbers, watermelons, potatoes, corn, squash, purple-hulled peas, peppers and cabbage. Thanks, guys for always being willing to share your produce. It is wonderful!

This is Charles and Michael shelling some purple-hulled peas. They will both complete the 6 month program and graduate on July 30th. We are so thrilled with their dedication and hard work to complete the intensive Bible study and scripture memorization and grow in their walk with God. We have two other residents who will graduate with them, Shepherd and Atlas. Congratulations, guys, we love you dearly.

A great big thank you to Jerry James and his friend, Wes, who came out to fry fish for our guys that evening. It was great!

Here is our precious Ben!

And looking out over the pond at the end of a very good day. To God be the glory--great and mighty things He has done for us!

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