Sweet Blessings

This ragtag little guy was the only gardenia left--out of myriad blooms on three gardenia bushes--when I trekked into the desert of our backyard yesterday. It was down at the very bottom of the bush, almost on the ground, yellowed and browned from the extreme heat we are experiencing.

However, when I brought it in and placed it in the smallest room in our home, it gave off the most aromatic incense that greeted me with arms of lovely fragrance every time I walked in.

You may be battle-scarred today from the wars of this life but remember--that is when the rose radiates its most beautiful fragrance--when it has been crushed--


Sandy said…
Thanks for these beautiful encouraging words
of truth today, Dianne. And, the flower is
Stacey Dawn said…
Beautiful - and I can almost smell the scent by looking at the image and reading those words...
Maryann said…
This touched my heart. Thank you
Adoption Mama said…
Yes, crushed....this is the way I feel most days...missing my oldest. Thanks for this encouragement...I see God's Word as that fragrance.
Karen said…
Beautiful Diane. Love the texture you have added, but such a wonderful reminder of my dad. He use to love to go by the "cakejasmen" bush and pick a bloom and lay it on the table beside his chair, no vase. It would lay there for days, but the aroma radiated the whole room. I've picked up quite a few limp turned brown blooms from his table and thrown them away. Such a precious and tearfully reminder! Have a great weekend. I've been missing you.
Debbie said…
Oh, that was just beautiful. I needed to hear it today.

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