So I Need Your Help

So I am going to do something that I have never done before except one time for a very short length of time.

I am going to be mentoring the wife of one of our Renewal Ranch residents.  I am so excited.  She is precious and we have photography in common.  She has a college degree in photography!  I was researching tonight about mentoring and it stressed the importance of having something in common although it is not necessary.

I read how we do not have to be spiritual giants--just be sincere and authentic in our relationship with Christ or in other words a heart for Christ, experience in the Christian life or a few steps further down the road than the mentee, and a love for people.

One of my main purposes early on will be to establish what she needs from me--

--a better understanding of the Bible

--a prayer partner

--help in establishing a better devotional life

--parenting help

o, here is what I need from you. Would you kindly, in the comment section or in a private email to me, tell me what you think are the most important aspects of being a Godly mentor?

And if you've ever been a mentor, would you share what about it was the most challenging and what was the most gratifying?

And if you have some outstanding literature that you would recommend, I would be most grateful.

 My mentee is already a Christian so we are one step down the path which I hope and pray will be a rewarding one for her and for me also.

One of my daughters-in-law has a mentor that she has had for at least a decade.

Their relationship is to be cherished. That is what I want with mine.

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. 
from Ecc. 4

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litle bouquet from my yard today


elizabeth said…
Hi my friend! I do a lot of mentoring and always, always, always teach them the basic principles of renewing the mind via the Word of God. I find so many begin to doubt their salvation experience when they still battle the same old battles in their mind. When they learn that, while salvation happens instantaneously, the renewing of the mind, or restoring of the soul, is a life long process that happens with the washing of the Word it is life changing. Books like Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind and many other great ones on renewing the mind are available
Barb said…
One of the best things you can do when you know you're going to mentor somebody is ask the LORD to guide your every word and action when you're with the one you're mentoring. I've mentored a lot of people and always found this to be the perfect start to every new relationship I began. God knows better than we do what that individual needs to learn. I always asked Him too, to help me be alert to what I could learn from the person I'm mentoring as well.
I'll be praying for you, will thank the Lord for answering my prayer regarding this too, for I know that he will. God bless you, dear one.
Sandy said…
I think this is wonderful and I pray and believe you both will be richly blessed. Though I have not mentored anyone I know that in being mentored that, as Elizabeth said, the mind has to be renewed and Meyer's books is excellent and I've read it a couple of times. I will be praying and hope to hear wonderful things about your new relationship with this dear woman. She is fortunate to have met you. I say that because I know your heart and it's completely for Jesus and His glory and she will learn much from you.
Love you~
Janis Cox said…
Great comments so far .. and I agree. The most important thing I think is time spent with God. So teaching how important that is - to give it priority would be what I would suggest. Once you do that - you just follow God's leading - and go where He goes.
I mentored at risk high school students one year. Very different scenario than what you're doing, but I would still say that one of the most important parts of mentoring is being a good listener. That's truly how learn how best to mentor a person. By listening, you get to know a person's hopes and dreams and fears.

All the best!

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