Too Many Wonders To Name

Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare.  Psalm 40:5

On Monday we discussed the wonder of sight and yesterday the wonder of hearing was our focus.

Just scroll down the page if you would like to read those.

Today let's talk about the wonders of taste, touch, laughing and yes, I added this one--READING--

I'm thinking right now of my favorite tastes in this world--

--Ricardo's Mexican food, Tulsa, OK, the best I've ever tasted--

--avocados--i.e., guacamole dip--

--biscuits and gravy--and not just any biscuits and gravy--my maternal grandmother's biscuits and my mother's gravy--

Try not to judge here--smile--I know there are lots of healthy foods that are delicious tasting and if your favorites are healthy, that is wonderful--I envy you.

What is your favorite taste?


and touch?

have you ever touched a sting ray?--that is probably my favorite thing to touch in the world--
kinda a liquid velvet feel--hard to describe but so, so soft

well, besides a newborn baby

or my people I love so dearly

and what about a daisy?  

or your favorite animal(s)

There are so many wondrous things to touch in this world--How did God think of all that?  I tell Him all the time how smart I think He is.  And I hope that doesn't sound sacrilegious because I mean it with all my heart.

I love the touch of the keyboard because it means I am communicating with you.


What about laughing?

What makes you laugh more than anything in the world?

My brother still makes me laugh after all these years.

I have some neighbors on my cul-de-sac and they are both hilarious.
Every time I see them I start laughing--they don't even have to say anything.

And then I have a precious friend that we can get some laughter on together--And I have many friends I laugh with but she and I start laughing at the same time before anything is said--we can read each other's minds about what we think is funny--

Right now the tv show Duck Dynasty is making me laugh ALOT--don't judge, smile

Memories, some memories send me in to gales of laughter--especially family memories--especially ones about, oh well, you wouldn't understand--that's another story for another day--

A guy I graduated with from high school makes me laugh every time I get on Facebook--I don't think he will care if I share these two little diddies--

Gus will tell you that spelling is not his strong suit so I am going to put it on here just like he wrote it on FB--Trenton is his grandson--

Trenton said, are you lonely when I'm not here, Pa pa ??
Me: lonely doesn't begin to describe it. I'm disconsolate, broken-hearted, dispondent and grief-stricken.
Him: how come yesterday when I went home I saw you and Na Na high/ five each other??
Me: people express there sorrow in many different ways, son.

And my favorite--

Wew!!!---/ doing nothing is very hard to do,--- you never know when your finished!!!!


And reading--I will just point you in the direction of my Pinterest Reading page although it is not exhaustive in the least.
You can access it here.

Hopefully, you can see where all this is leading.

See you on the morrow after I turn another page,


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