Where Will Our Footprints Lead?

ou've heard and read from many people who are hoping for spring. They express their hope in a seemingly matter-of-fact fashion, never doubting the fact that the evidence of it will be seen.

As I was reading in Psalm 85 today I came across this portion of verse:

We expect seedlings and their little pinwheels of growth

because they came up last year

and the year before that......

We didn't hear them complaining if the weather wasn't perfect,

if there was too much rain, too much snow, too much wind,

Not enough sunshine--

Nor enough warmth--

They did what they were created to do.

They pushed through a sometimes troublesome sod.

And when they peeked out from behind nature's curtain

to make their annual debut

All heaven and earth was applauding

Faithfulness, once again, sprang forth.

You cannot see faith, but you can see the footprints of the faithful.  We must leave behind "faithful footprints" for others to follow.
Dennis Anderson 

And so we, followers of the one true and living God

Do not possess faith that can be seen,

although evidence of our faith will sometimes

make itself known--

Will our footprints lead others to Christ and His faithfulness?

I wasn't called to be successful.   
I was called to be faithful.
Mother Teresa 

Turning another page,

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