The Greatest Wonder of All--His Love!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. ~~Helen Keller

All week we have thought about some of God's greatest wonders that he has given us.  And yes, all of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was leading up to today--Valentine's Day--the day of love.

God is love.  There is no other true love apart from God.

He is the God of filio, eros, and agape love.

To me the love He made that comes the closest to His love for us is the love of a Godly parent.

My sweet Mother handmade the little quilted hearts below and I wanted to share them with you today.  I guarantee if she would have known you, she would have loved you.  I never met a person my mom did not love and they all loved her.

Did you know that the God of all love wants to wrap you in the quilt of His embrace--to draw the covers of His grace and mercy up tight around you and secure you with the eternity of Him.

He has made all of this possible through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I love you also my precious readers and cherish the day you and I met.

Oh, see the poppies in the sidebar?  I took that picture and cut out digital hearts from it just for you.

Now you have love coming at you from my mom, me, and most of all, well really all in all--GOD!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The greatest story ever told--He loved us first and chose us to be His children.

I'm so glad we feel love with the heart--

Humbled to turn another page with you,

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