So I Need Your Help

So I am going to do something that I have never done before except one time for a very short length of time.

I am going to be mentoring the wife of one of our Renewal Ranch residents.  I am so excited.  She is precious and we have photography in common.  She has a college degree in photography!  I was researching tonight about mentoring and it stressed the importance of having something in common although it is not necessary.

I read how we do not have to be spiritual giants--just be sincere and authentic in our relationship with Christ or in other words a heart for Christ, experience in the Christian life or a few steps further down the road than the mentee, and a love for people.

One of my main purposes early on will be to establish what she needs from me--

--a better understanding of the Bible

--a prayer partner

--help in establishing a better devotional life

--parenting help

o, here is what I need from you. Would you kindly, in the comment section or in a private email to me, tell me what you think are the most important aspects of being a Godly mentor?

And if you've ever been a mentor, would you share what about it was the most challenging and what was the most gratifying?

And if you have some outstanding literature that you would recommend, I would be most grateful.

 My mentee is already a Christian so we are one step down the path which I hope and pray will be a rewarding one for her and for me also.

One of my daughters-in-law has a mentor that she has had for at least a decade.

Their relationship is to be cherished. That is what I want with mine.

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. 
from Ecc. 4

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