Praying for the Generations

Praying for kids, grandkids and kiddos to come to God is such a great privilege and responsibility.

I do remind God frequently of my desire for all of my descendants to come to know Him in a very personal way, but I am really starting to look forward to Mondays when I know I will be praying with others and we will be joining together in corporate prayer (I was very redundant in that sentence but I'm not gonna change it because.......) and corporate prayer is so very wonderful and effective.  Where two or three are gathered together in His Name..........

I painted three angels recently that this our lovely granddaughter, Katelyn,  took to college with her to decorate her apartment with.  She has twinkle lights hanging over them and it looks so sweet.

And this is Kately and me when she was just a few months old--

 Heavenly Father, 
It is our desire to be faithful to pray for our children and grandchildren and all those to come after us in our lineage. 
It is also our desire to be diligent to talk to them about you--to talk of your unfailing love and promises, to let them see the ways you work in our own lives--to make known the fact that you have never and will never let us down. 
That you will always be there for us and never leave us-- Father, in so doing, it is our hope and prayer that their hearts will be prepared for the day when they are confronted with You and making the eternal choice of a personal relationship with the God of the Universe through our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Lord, we pray that each generation of our lineage would be faithful to tell of your great love, to make living for you a priority in their families. 
We pray that not one of our lineage will be lost to the enemy of our soul--that ALL would come to a saving knowledge of You. 
In Jesus' Name, 


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Janette Wright said…
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elizabeth said…
I pray for all my descendants along with you! I also pray for all my Mama's descendants, (my siblings and their kids and grands). When Mama died five years ago I felt God lay it on my heart to continue to pray for them in her place, though surely prayer is still happening in heaven!
Yes, I do that also. Right after my mom died I took three days personal leave from work to fast and pray and seek God's will--the phrase that kept coming to me was "take up the mantle."

The only "mantle" I knew about was that of my mother's prayer for her descendants so we had the same type of calling after our mom's died.

I love how the Lord works and yes prayer happening in heaven!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy said…
It is definitely a privilege to pray for our kids, grandkids and others who do not know Jesus. It's a task I take very serious.....Your grand daughter is beautiful and I think it's so sweet that she has your angles in her room...Obviously loves her grandmother lots....

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