It's finally here and you are 8 years old. I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I was standing in the hospital room as you were being born. Your mom and dad went to such great lengths to make your arrival a joyous one and oh was it!

One really funny thing that happened was this: A little explanation is in order first of all and it has to do with duct tape. Your mom loves duct tape and in fact gave it to the groomsmen in their wedding as one of their gifts.

As I stated above, your mom and dad had gone to great lengths to make your birth special. They brought along special music to play and had all kinds of scripture taped to the bed, etc. I don't know why but at one point they are discussing whether they brought everything or not (mind you the birth was imminent) and your mom cries out, "Chris, we forgot the duct tape." Your daddy immediately responded with, "Oh no, what if the baby falls apart." We all had a good laugh which lessened the anxiety of the moment.
I am including some pictures of you on another birthday--one you were sharing with Boompa and Caroline. We wish you were here to share it with them this year. We miss you so very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRECIOUS!