This is Angie, my awesome friend from Tulsa. Angie is a former missionary to Singapore and was an inner-city missionary when I met her. I will post at a later date, the incredible story of how Angie and I met but suffice it to say that my life wouldn't have been nearly as rich if we hadn't met. Below our picture is a picture of a picture of some of her art work, namely a silk scarf that she painted and then used to copy to make a cover of a book for me. I am including the first inside page and will always treasure it. It is a book listing 365 promises of God to me and to you.

She and I had lunch at The Olive Garden in Tulsa today and then I spent some time teaching her how to set up a blogspot. She is the only 84 year old blogger that I know. Angie, I am so proud of you and I love you dearly.