on my soapbox again

This is one of those "streams of consciousness" posts I suppose. I have been thinking about it a few days but just now put type to monitor.

After reading recent research about how much our reflexes are affected when we talk on the cell phone (or any activity for that matter) while driving, I made a conscious choice to not ever use mine again.

I remembered calling an acquaintance in another state a few years ago. She was in the car driving when she answered and she told me that she could not talk, could she call me back and I responded that I ONLY needed to ask her one thing. She said, "Just a moment, I will pull off the road."

I remember thinking at the time, "Well, I think that is a little over the top but okay."

It just so happened that I was talking to her about a calligraphy workshop I was going to attend in a short time. At that workshop was a lady about my age in a wheel chair with a foot and lower leg really bummed up. She was the victim of a young man sixteen years old texting while driving. Her foot and leg were messed up to the point it was unlikely she would ever have full use of them again.

That made an impression on me but not good enough I don't suppose. It wasn't until reading that article and seeing "talking on the cell phone" likened to drunk driving that I decided to take the cell phone issue more seriously and quit doing it.

It has been quite a few weeks now since I made this decision. I have driven to Tulsa, OK since then and normally when I do, I call friends to help make the 4.5 hour drive go by faster. I did pull over to a rest stop to place a call to my dear hubby that I needed to make but other than that did NOT talk on the phone.

I am not trying to tell any one else what to do but I would like to encourage you to seriously give this matter some thought.

I know you value the life that God has given you just as I value mine. I don't want to drive so as to endanger anyone else's life or health and of course, I don't want them to drive so as to be a menace to mine. If this post helped save one life or one limb, what a blessing that would be.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a totally blessed week.