Her Spotlight



The place,
a secret spot
not yet destroyed by city concrete.
She loves to go there,
in the Fall.
Just one step inside
the trees
and you can understand
and what it's really all about.
When she's there
she lets her emotions
take over
and she dances.
There's no need for music.
The wind, the water,
and the rustling of the leaves
create their own symphony.
Rays of sun
break through the chill
and become her

Earthy browns and greens,
vibrant reds and oranges
of the changing leaves
are her background.
All of this is her stage,
This place,
in the middle of a concrete world,
where she can
the joy in
the beauty around her.

by Audrey
This beautiful poem was written by Audrey, one of my students several years ago. She wrote this while in my 7th grade language arts class. I contacted her at a college in Oklahoma to get permission to print it. The writings my students did never ceased to amaze me.

2010-The Year of Longings

He longs to dance with us to the music of His own symphony; yes, the wind, the water, the rustling of the leaves.

I long to walk, even to dance, in the spotlight of Jesus' love, deterring the enemy of my soul because he is afraid of light.

The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Romans 13:12


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I got out a big box of my former students' writings last night and went through them for an hour or so--such a simple pleasure but oh, so rewarding. Linking to Dayle and other lovers of Simple Pleasures--

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