The Critter Whisperer

Would you picture this for a moment? A picture of an all-American girl--maybe 11 or so, dark curls, gorgeous complexion, face turned up to the sun, utter happiness displayed on this precious profile as a majestic butterfly lights atop the bridge of her nose and rests there.............

 A friend of mine posted the scene I described above of her daughter on Instagram today and I have "photography of children and nature envy."

It is such a beautiful moment--the light and the bokeh are to die for.

In the caption, my friend refers to her daughter as "the irresistible critter whisperer."

I've seen other pictures of this child with critters of all varieties seemingly drawn to her and yes, I would have to agree with that assessment.

However, when I read that, I had this thought: Sometimes I feel like a complete "critter" in the eyes of my God. But all He has to do is whisper my name and I am in awe of Him, ready to do His bidding, to follow once again.

Of all His incredible Names, I never thought I would be calling Him "the critter whisperer," but that's what He is to me today.

How about you? Ever feel like a "critter" in His eyes.

So thankful He sees us through the filter of Jesus' precious blood--making the scarlet sin of our critterness into the likeness of crystal white snow.

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