Finally, My Art For Sale

Finally, I have placed some of my art for sale on FineArtAmerica. 

 I hope you will click on this link or the one on the sidebar and take a look at it.

 My goal is to add at least one piece per week (hopefully more) so I hope you will check back from time to time and see the updates.

 Here is my artist' bio--it was interesting making myself write about "being an artist."

One of my very first memories is asking my mother to draw for me. I loved watching the pencil strokes she made and seeing something so simple become a piece of art, well, in a five year old's view, it was art.

I remember a JFK pencil sketch I did copying his portrait from a Look magazine cover. I also remember walking by the art room when I was in college yearning to be in there painting but knowing I had to have a career that would provide a dependable income.

I think I must have been afraid of failure also because I never took an art course even as an elective. Looking back, I really regret that.

A busy life of marriage and family preceded a 20 year career as a public school teacher. During those years, I was always creating something and was happier when I was creating.
Along the way, I did take a few calligraphy, oil and watercolor classes. I had a small calligraphy business for a while but found I could not keep up with teaching, family, and a business.

After retirement, I started to paint more and joined a watercolor society. When one of my paintings was chosen to hang in an exhibition, a granddaughter asked me if I was an artist. Right then and there, I had to decide how I was going to answer her. It was a huge decision to make--to call myself an artist. But I did. I told her I was an artist.

Making that decision led me to develop my own style--I am a very loose painter, designer and calligrapher. Most everything I create has a loose, relaxed, impressionistic or abstract feel to it.

I don't like staying 'in the lines.'

I will be adding pieces weekly so I hope you will check back often.

Hope you enjoy and God bless you. 

I am finding that it is very hard to humble oneself enough to promote their own artwork--some might think it is a prideful thing but for me it is more of a humbling to ask for help.

So, if you like my work and feel comfortable doing this, would you be so kind as to like the Facebook or Google + buttons right below this post or give me a shout out on your blog.  I would be ever so grateful.