Are You Ready To Give Up?

The following was written by one of our graduates from the Ranch.

For those of you who don't know, my husband and I volunteer at a residential home for adult men addicted to drugs/alcohol. It is totally faith-based.

The name of the campus is Renewal Ranch.

I am providing a link if you would like more information about the facility.

One of our recent graduates, Jeremy, wrote this and posted it on Facebook.

I asked Him if I could share it with you here because I know there is much hopelessness in the world and I think he has the answer for you if you are one of those ready to give up.

Whether or not you are in a hopeless situation, I pray this speaks to you.

Oh, by the way, Jeremy recently graduated and has come on staff.  We are so glad to have him.


"Every day we face obstacles and sometimes just down right difficult things in our lives. 

Some of us prosper and push forward through them to see and experience the other side and many of us see these obstacles and difficulties and just want to quit and/or give up. 

When I think about people giving up, my father comes to mind, my brother comes to mind, my mother comes to mind, my past decisions and my own struggles come to mind and then Jesus comes to mind.

My father and brother both quit and gave up by committing suicide, my mother quit by just giving up on life in general and continues to live a self defeated life. 

When I think about myself, I remember many of the things I gave up on and wanting to ultimately give up in life choosing the same fate as my own father and brother.. 

And then Jesus comes to mind. 

My lifeline, my comfort, my refuge, my strength. I'm sure he wanted to give up or quit at times.

Praying in the garden, he asked that this cup pass. 

He saw all the pain and suffering and torture he would soon go through, but he stayed on course.

He was thinking about me and everyone else and saw it not as loss but gain. 

He gave His life so that we might have life. 

I thank you Jesus for not quitting and giving up. 

I thank you that you thought more of us, than yourself. 

I thank you for a chance to commune with you in life everlasting. 

I challenge you that when something comes your way and you feel like quitting and giving up, think about what Jesus did when faced with death, torture, cruelty, at our expense. 

Something great awaits on the other side, will you endure and push through? 

If you struggle, listen to this song... Don't give up, by Calling Glory. Have a blessed day and week."--Jeremy

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