Searching For His Glory

I've finally chosen my word for the new year.

It is glory.

I went searching for His glory this morning.

In my very brown and drab backyard I found this.

A small nandina bush hidden over behind some dead looking stuff.

I snapped off one branch and brought it in the house.

Put it in a vase of water--

and started clicking--

oh, photography--one of my greatest joys--

I took it from room to room--

from table to table--

and window to window--

set it in front of a watercolor I had painted of my granddaughter
which turned out looking almost exactly like my 8th grade school picture--

and realized when I saw the eyes--

that yes, I had seen His glory

He had given me eyes to see His glory this morning.

the glory of the only begotten of the Father.

Praying you see His glory today.

©All text, photography and art property and copyright of Elizabeth Dianne unless otherwise noted