My Lenten Journey-

Groping along here--trying to find my way.

I did not grow up in a denomination that celebrated Lent but have been trying to meaningfully do so the last few years.

I am disappointed--Why?  Because I can't seem to find the right Lenten readings that are speaking to me what I need to hear at the moment.  Is that even what I should be striving for?

I long to find something that will just speed this journey along--but I am beginning to realize I can't.

I must trudge through this wilderness with Him--if I want to grow to be like Him--

The distance to the cross was not made easier or shorter for Him--so I will plod along here one step at a time, one breath at a time, one revelation at a time.

One day down and thirty nine more to go--how will I feel, how will I be different at the end of this journey?

After all, isn't that what we are striving for--a change in us--

to know Him more fully

to serve Him more faithfully

to love Him more fiercely

to glorify him more fittingly

I want this to be a glorious journey but I am finding pain--

Pain when I realize the depth of my sin--

Pain when I realize the cost of the cross

Pain when I realize the agony of turning one's back upon His Son

Pain when I face the absolute reality of my own mortality--

Isn't that what Ash Wednesday is all about--facing up to that reality--

So that I--this is what I must realize--So that I

So that I can go freely

So that I can live abundantly

So that I can have eternal life

The pain is part of the fulfillment that will come at the end of this journey--

I must be faithful to take one more step with Him--

At the end of this journey I will come to realize and fully know--

Col. 2:9, 10a


Update:  I am reading along with advent plan


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