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Shattering the Darkness

Yesterday my husband and I drove to Memphis, TN to host a booth at the Bellevue Baptist Church's Missions Fair. The theme this year is "Shattering the Darkness."

Many different ministries come in and set up booths depicting the particular work that God has called them to.  They are all equally worthy and I pray that the call of God would touch many hearts there at Bellevue to support the various ministries.

In the missionary's message to us, he stated that he once heard it said that every Christian should have a ministry and a mission.  The ministry being to minister to other Christians more needy than oneself and the mission to bless those who do not know Christ.

The ministry and mission that Larry and I have been blessed to become a part of is operated by gifts from individuals and churches.  We are brand new and still needing people who will link up arm in arm with us and be willing to invest a few dollars a month to a great cause.

For many years when we were raisin…

After the Storm

A tremendous line of thunderstorms carrying tornadoes swooped through central Arkansas on Thursday evening. This is a picture of one of the residents looking at the awesome beauty of God's handiwork after the storm was over.

I couldn't help but wonder if his mind was going forward anticipating the beauty to come in his own life after the storms of the last few years are over. He is doing very well and I have every hope, faith and confidence that he, along with many others, is going to make it through the program and graduate with high honors.

Right now they are learning to take one day at a time--to be victorious in Christ one moment at a time--

Renewal Ranch has been in operation for three full weeks. At a meeting last night, the director was telling how he'd personally had a very trying day on Wednesday of this week. As he was feeling the pressure and stress of starting and maintaining this great ministry, he heard a knock on his front door.

It was S. He had memorized e…

I Hope You Dance

You did it: you changed wild lament
into whirling dance;
You ripped off my black mourning band
and decked me with wildflowers.
I'm about to burst with song,
I can't keep quiet about you.
God, my God,
I can't thank you enough. Psalm 30:11-12
Good morning dear Lord, I love you. I give you the highest praise.

Lord, you know what I'm here for--to ask your favor and protection upon my children. Lord, I pray that they would be obedient and compliant with Your Holy Spirit so that You can accomplish all that You desire for them in this lifetime. I pray that they will give you supreme place in their lives--that they would have no other gods before You.

And I pray that if their hearts are heavy today about anything, Lord, that you will change their murmurings, gripings and complainings into wild and joyful dance. Oh God, I can just picture them clothed in wildflowers from head to toe and singing at the tops of their lungs. Give them this kind of joy, Father--the joy that can o…

Dancing on Streets of Gold

I received a phone call today about 12:42 PM from my life-long friend, Marilyn. Her first words were, "Well, I just called to tell you that Daddy is dancing on streets of gold." He made his entrance into the pearly gates about 12:40. If I ever wondered if Jesus is being magnified, I would wonder no longer. I have never known anyone who worshiped the way he worshiped--total abandonment, no inhibition whatsoever--when he started praying, he was in his closet--there was no one else in the room.

In the latter part of 2009, I shared this post. It was entitled:

No Liquids On Your Keyboard

I met him when I was eleven years old. I never could have known then how he was to affect my life. His oldest daughter became my best friend. You know the old, old gloves that fit no matter how your hands change over the years--the warm winter toboggan that ends up the focal point of every winter picture--that is what she and her family and her dad--my pastor during my youth--are like to me. Co…

Win or Lose!

This picture makes my heart glad and gives me hope for the future of America--two precious teams and their cheering squads praying together--one with a great victory, one with a crushing defeat.

Taking the initiative themselves without adult intervention, they lay aside their earthly disappointments for a couple of minutes and give thanks and praise to our Great Creator. Praise God!

P.S.  Should say that one is a private Christian high school and one a public school--the public school kids initiated the prayer.

Good Morning!

I'm not usually one to wish my life away but as you can tell by my header I am getting just a little anxious for spring. How about you--wanting more winter or ready for some warm, sunny days? It is supposed to be 70 degrees here today.

Look to the Lord and His strength;
Seek His face always. Psalm 105:4

Good morning, Lord. Here I am again asking, seeking, knocking for my children, my descendants, my seed.

O God I pray that each one of them would look only to Your strength today--that they would seek Your face always. There is no other who has every answer they need. Your strength and yours alone is all that will save them--Bring situations into their lives that would cause them to see their extreme and desperate need of You and Your strength.

Lord, there is one partiuclar situation I am praying for right now. You know what it is--please help us not to be guilty of judging another's motives no matter how evident those motives might seem to be. We know that you are not the author …

Weekend Worship at First Presbyterian, Little Rock, Arkansas

My lover spoke and said to me, "Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me.

See!  The winter is past;  the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;  the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land,

The fig tree forms its early fruit;  the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.

Arise, come, my darling;  my beautiful one, come with me."

See!  The winter is past;  the rains are over and gone.
From Song of Solomon 2

The juxtaposition of this particular scripture with this church photographed in the dead of winter last year, gives us reason to understand more fully why many across our frozen country are crying out for the winter to be over and gone.  It appears that Arkansas will get into the sixties this next week.

But no matter where you are and no matter whether your coming days are forecast to be cold or hot, I pray that you will find warmth in your heart and spirit by choosing to worship with someone you love.

Whether it is the lowlies…

Arkansas Winter

Before last winter, I had gone five years without seeing any snow in Arkansas. We lived in northern Oklahoma for thirty years and got at least a couple of good snows almost every year. This year we have had more than our share in Arkansas and especially the northwest part of the state where my good friend, Nava, lives.

She has taken some incredible pictures of the birds in her backyard. Just wanted to take this chance to share a few of them with you. Hope you enjoy!

This is Nava's front yard.  Forecast was 2-4" and they got 21" this week.  It was -15 degrees there last night.  I think this is record setting cold for Arkansas.

We got 6" in the Little Rock area yesterday after two inches late last week and about five or six a few days before that.

 Hope you are staying safe and warm wherever you are.

2011-the year of beyond

Dear Men of Renewal Ranch,

How do I begin? How do I begin to tell you how you made my heart feel? As if it would burst? That is not a very good description for something that is stretched and pulled taut to a capacity that seems to rival impossibility! How do I describe the thirty miles back home, thirty miles of mist draining down? Of joy unspeakable and full of glory? How do I tell you of a mind blown to smithereens with the love and appreciation you displayed to me yesterday?

When I asked you to envision your lives five years down the road and you looked at me with this written across the eyes of your soul :
"Hope is the dream of a soul awake."--a French proverb
Yes, you laid yourself out all vulnerable. You who have only been here a week--living with people who were strangers to you a little more than seven days ago and now you are laying your insides out in front of everyone, taking a chance, taking a risk--you who have been to hell and back more times than I want to enumerate.

Yes, you looke…

Dear Debbie,

Just wanted to write you a short note and let you know what is going on in my life.

My pastor from my youth is very bad in ICU of Baptist Hospital. Yesterday I went to see him--he has staph among other things--so I dressed in gown and gloves--sanitizing before and after visit--I peeked in and there was no one there--I had been there earlier in the morning and one of his daughters was there but he was all alone. I found out later that I had walked right by another of his daughters in the lobby downstairs. Her son had come and brought the grandchildren with him so she was taking a break to go see them.

Anyway, I know it worked out that way for a reason. As I sat there and talked to him (he had been totally unresponsive when I was there earlier--he is on a ventilator and they were keeping him sedated because of the discomfort), he started trying to open his eyes and I knew he was hearing me.

I should have taken my own Bible but did not think of it. I searched all the drawers and could …

Weekend Worship at First Christian Church, Marshall, Arkansas


Just Because I Love You!

This is a thick, hearty soup--

It's been snowing here today and I cooked a big crock pot full of soup--It was so good--here's the recipe for you.

I used two frozen chicken breasts but sometimes if you wanna be a little on the lazy side, just use a big can of Sam's Member's Mark (or whatever brand you prefer) chicken breast.  Both are really good.

I threw four chicken breasts into the skillet--so I would have two left for tomorrow night's dinner or a luncheon salad.  I cook them in olive oil and white cooking wine.  But however you cook them is fine--my DIL boils them.

I heat most of the liquid ingredients in a pan before putting in my crock pot.  I do this because it cuts at least a couple hours off the cooking time.

2 cans diced tomatoes
2 cans Rotel
1 can chicken broth
1 can refried beans (I use fat-free but regular will do)
1 cup water

You can use packaged taco seasoning mix but I make my own using:
If you use the packaged, you will need 2 pkgs.  The ingredients below equa…

I Called, He Answered

My name is Bartimaeus,
I was not blind from birth, once I could see,
That changed--I didn't know the reason then--
I know it now.

To be used for God's purpose to prove
the identity of His only begotten Son
Is overwhelming to think about,
I know that now.

One day while begging to make a living,
I heard a commotion from the people gathered,
I asked what was going on--
The crowd shushed me--
I didn't know why then
I know why now.

The crowd said Jesus of Nazareth was passing by,
But I knew deep within,
The Son of David, the Messiah was there,
I called out to Him referring to Him in that manner,
The crowd tried to hush me,
I called all the more--
I knew why.

I had a need.
I wanted to see again.
Jesus ordered that I be brought to Him,
He asked me what He could do for me,
As if He didn't know.

I told Him I wanted to see again,
He told me to receive my sight
and instantly I was healed--

Immediately I followed Him
and the crowd who had tried to quiet me
followed--all of them praising God.

The years I had sat …

Meet My Friend, Sheila

My beautiful friend, Sheila

Hey sweet friends,
I have a favor to ask of you that I think will bless you.

My former principal and good friend, Sheila Michie just launched a new blog today entitled Becoming Women of Peace.  She is a Catholic Christian very much in love with Jesus who started a ministry in 2001 by the same name.  She holds workshops/retreats in an endeavor to help women truly become bearers of the peace that Jesus desires for all of us.

Won't you please hop over to her website, and read her first post today.  I'm praying that many of you will support her in this endeavor.  I think God has a lot to offer us through Sheila's wisdom and grace.

Thank you my friends,
I love you,

The picture below is one that Sheila'a mom painted.  She wrote some beautiful prose which explains the painting.  Sheila includes that prose in her first post.  I think you will really enjoy the beauty and richness of her mom's writing.