Arkansas Winter

Before last winter, I had gone five years without seeing any snow in Arkansas. We lived in northern Oklahoma for thirty years and got at least a couple of good snows almost every year. This year we have had more than our share in Arkansas and especially the northwest part of the state where my good friend, Nava, lives.

She has taken some incredible pictures of the birds in her backyard. Just wanted to take this chance to share a few of them with you. Hope you enjoy!

This is Nava's front yard.  Forecast was 2-4" and they got 21" this week.  It was -15 degrees there last night.  I think this is record setting cold for Arkansas.

We got 6" in the Little Rock area yesterday after two inches late last week and about five or six a few days before that.

 Hope you are staying safe and warm wherever you are.

2011-the year of beyond