Shattering the Darkness

Yesterday my husband and I drove to Memphis, TN to host a booth at the Bellevue Baptist Church's Missions Fair. The theme this year is "Shattering the Darkness."

Many different ministries come in and set up booths depicting the particular work that God has called them to.  They are all equally worthy and I pray that the call of God would touch many hearts there at Bellevue to support the various ministries.

In the missionary's message to us, he stated that he once heard it said that every Christian should have a ministry and a mission.  The ministry being to minister to other Christians more needy than oneself and the mission to bless those who do not know Christ.

The ministry and mission that Larry and I have been blessed to become a part of is operated by gifts from individuals and churches.  We are brand new and still needing people who will link up arm in arm with us and be willing to invest a few dollars a month to a great cause.

For many years when we were raising three sons, I had several ministries that my heart yearned to support. Somehow I thought that I had to give $25, $50 or more a month to make an impact.  I realize now that had I only sent $5 a month, it would have made a difference.

Here are several of the worthy ministries hosting a booth:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes was particularly instrumental in my own sons' lives and I will always be grateful for the work they do.

If we love God, love people, share Jesus and make disciples, we will shatter many dark places.  Oh God, help us to bring light wherever we go--help us to play a part in shattering the darkness so that light may penetrate to the very last people group on earth.

Always loving you my dearest friends,
2011-the Year of Beyond