Meet My Friend, Sheila

My beautiful friend, Sheila

Hey sweet friends,
I have a favor to ask of you that I think will bless you.

My former principal and good friend, Sheila Michie just launched a new blog today entitled Becoming Women of Peace.  She is a Catholic Christian very much in love with Jesus who started a ministry in 2001 by the same name.  She holds workshops/retreats in an endeavor to help women truly become bearers of the peace that Jesus desires for all of us.

Won't you please hop over to her website, and read her first post today.  I'm praying that many of you will support her in this endeavor.  I think God has a lot to offer us through Sheila's wisdom and grace.

Thank you my friends,
I love you,

The picture below is one that Sheila'a mom painted.  She wrote some beautiful prose which explains the painting.  Sheila includes that prose in her first post.  I think you will really enjoy the beauty and richness of her mom's writing.