God's Mercies continued

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A Report of God’s Mercies (Sunday, 4.10.11)

April 10 2011, 6:10 pm

Last night we had no scheduled prayer meeting but folks gathered anyway to pray for Sunday. Our 9 am service “meshed” into 11 with no break and lasted until 2 pm. Unbelievable sense of God’s presence and power. In our Jacksonville multi-site campus, the service lasted three hours and forty minutes with the same intensity as the Crystal Hill campus.

We observed together what God is doing in our midst…progressively step-by-step…

1. He is awakening us to listen and instantly obey (1 Thess. 5:19-21)

2. He is purifying His body (1 Thess 5:21)

3. He is manifesting His presence (Isaiah 12:6)

4. He is giving us His heart (Joel 2:17)

5. He is calling us to intercede (1 Chronicles 7:14-16) and His “ear is attentive to our cry”

6. He is saving lives! (Isaiah 12:2-3)

7. He is making His deeds known among the people (Isaiah 12:4)

8. He is making His Name famous in the land! (Isaiah 12:5)

As God continues to move we witnessed…

§ 11 more spontaneous baptisms (38 in the last 8 days)

§ A father who was impressed to not read the paper, but laid it down and prayed with his daughter who burst into tears and was saved. They came to church to be baptized.

§ Huge rocks removed that were covering the “springs of salvation” in many lives

§ A woman laying down long-standing bitterness

§ Intense prayer for lost family members

§ A man shares his problem with anger and desire for God to remove it but is unwilling to give His life to Christ. “Pray for me that I will just hear God.” 20 men pray over him as the church joins in and before he leaves the circle he has given his life to Christ!

§ Worship pastor sharing his past and calling men to stand up as men. Intense prayer by wives over their husbands.

§ Visitor from Hot Springs believes God has brought him here for us to cry out for his city. Intense intercession ensues.

§ College students share how they went downtown after the meeting Friday night, shared Christ until 4 am, came home and made 100 sandwiches and went back and spent the day sharing Christ.

§ Young man, visiting for the first time, shares that a friend who had been in the prayer meetings this week challenged him to live up to his name (“Joshua”) and become a general for Christ. He shares his repentance and of his wife’s repentance this week.

§ And on, and on, and on…counseling, prayer, repentance, rejoicing happening for hours.



Debbie said…
I am just getting a chance to catch up on reading. I'm just knocked OUT. I have loved every video that you've posted, but that most recent one where the LORD provides a Ford Explorer before the need was even voiced before the church was just awesome. The baptisms of fathers with children and husbands with wives literally made my skin tingle.

You know that tingle. I know you do...

I am just writing this one comment since each comment I write is often involves hoop jumping, but I just had to let you know how much you are blessing me.

Summit Church and this blog are on my list of 1000 gifts. I very much need to thank you all for letting God use you in such a mighty way, even to people and places that you'll likely never see face to face on this side of Glory.

Thank you.
Sandy said…
Wish I could be at this revival with you,
precious friend. Know that I am there in

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